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Outdoor Herbivore Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce with Ramen Noodles

Outdoor Herbivore: Vegan Cheddar Garden Herb Sauce

Outdoor Herbivore’s Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce is a great way to dress up ramen noodles or instant mashed potatoes and turn them into a tasty powerhouse of a meal. Entirely vegan and non-dairy, you’ll swear there’s cheddar cheese  in this sauce even though it’s just a mix of nutritional yeast, whole wheat flour and spices. […]

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Mt Garfield and its western subpeak

Backpacking the Three Garfields in the Pemigewasset Wilderness

There are three Garfield Mountains along the Garfield Ridge Trail in the Pemigewasset Wilderness (of New Hampshire’s White Mountains), although you’re probably only familiar with the tallest one on the four thousand footer list. The other two peaks, West (3667′) and East Garfield (3590′), are short bushwhacks off the main trail, both on the more esoteric […]

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Granite Gear V.C. Crown 60 Backpack

Which Granite Gear Backpack is Right for You?

Granite Gear backpacks are popular packs for long distance backpacking in the United States and are a common sight on the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trails. I really like Granite Gear’s packs because I think they strike an excellent balance between weight and function, many have adjustable frames, and because they’re quite affordable, which is a rare quality these days if […]

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Rain and Cooking in Rainy Weather adds a whole new dimension to your backpacking experience.

How to Cook Backpacking Food in the Rain

I had a reader contact me recently asking me how he could cook dinner in the rain, inside a double walled tent with an MSR Whisperlite stove. He wanted to know whether he should get rid of his tent and replace it with a tarp that could be pitched higher and had better air flow. […]

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