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Self Portrait below Mt Chocorua

Middle Sister and the Carter Ledge Trail

Middle Sister (3340′) is a sub-peak of Mt Chocorua, one of three sub-peaks known as the Three Sisters that are situated just below that famous summit. The remains of an old fire tower, in operation from 1927-1948, can be found on the summit of Middle Sister, which commands excellent views of the southeastern corner of the […]

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The Altra 2.5 Lone Peak Trail Runner has a very large toe box that provides exceptional comfort.

Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Trail Runners

If you’re on the fence about whether to switch to trail runners for hiking and backpacking, Altra’s Lone Peak 2.5 running shoes might make a believer out of you. Although they look like clown shoes with an oversized toe box, they are very comfortable for hiking on level terrain and rolling hills in warm and dry weather. […]

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Esbit (Solid Fuel) stoves are incredibly simple and ultralight

The Joy of Esbit

Backpacking stoves that use Esbit cubes as a fuel source are the simplest, lightest, and most reliable way to boil water or cook food on backpacking trips. There’s no extra container weight to carry with Esbit, like a white gas stove bottle or isobutane canister, and you can even ship Esbit via ground transportation (in the USA at […]

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Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

Ultralight Backpacking Gift Guide

Buying ultralight backpacking gifts is difficult if you’re not an ultralight backpacker yourself. So I’ve assembled this list of recommended UL gifts for you because I know they’d be welcomed by any backpacker you gift them to. Tarptent Protrail Trekking Pole Tent The Tarptent Protrail Trekking Pole Tent ($209) is a storm-worthy trekking pole tent […]

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear CEO, Mike St. Pierre

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Factory Tour

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is an ultralight backpacking gear manufacturer in Biddeford, Maine, a short drive from my favorite hiking and backpacking haunts in New Hampshire. I paid them a visit last month to check out their operation and to talk to Mike St. Pierre, their CEO and head gear designer about his recent 16-day thru hike adventure […]

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