Bill Donovan on Southwest Twin Mountain

Why We Lead Hikes

Being a volunteer hiking or backpacking leader takes a lot of work. You need to reserve a day months in advance, plan a trip, advertise it, screen the people who want to come, get everyone to show up on time, make sure everyone sticks together and has fun during the hike, and gets back to […]

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Grandma Gatewood

The Real Grandma Gatewood

Grandma Gatewood is often cited at the first ultralight backpacker because she thru-hiked hiked the Appalachian Trail using a shower curtain as a shelter with only 12 pounds of gear, I doubt that’s the reason for her success. More than anything, she was a survivor, who’s story has lessons for us all. The real Grandma […]

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Mohonk Mountain House

Hiker’s Holiday Week at Mohonk Mountain House

My wife and I are taking a short holiday in May to visit Mohonk Mountain House, a 145 year old historic hotel and spa located in the “Gunks”, 90 miles north of New York City. We’re headed to Mohonk’s annual Hiker’s Holiday program, a five day gathering of hiking enthusiasts who come to walk the trails and carriage […]

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Outdoor Research BugOut Gaiters

Hiking and Lyme Disease: Revised estimates from the CDC indicate US infection rate is 10 times more prevalent than previously reported

Hikers and backpackers are at increased risk for contracting Lyme Disease. This is something I’ve written about extensively on SectionHiker and is worth reiterating at the beginning of each hiking season. Revised numbers from the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) reflect that they have been under-reporting Lyme disease. Instead of the 30,000 cases a […]

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Outdoor Herbivore Lickety Split Lentils

10 Outdoor Herbivore No Cook Meals

I have been experimenting with no cook backpacking meals from Outdoor Herbivore for the past six weeks to see if I want to bring them on a big backpacking trip I have slated for this year. I’ve been burned by bringing food that I haven’t tried at home on trips beforehand, so it’s worth my […]

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Lightweight Hiking in New England

Lighten Up that Pack! – Appalachian Mountain Club Talk and Gear Demo in Boston, May 1st

Are you ready to let go of the extra gear/weight in your backpack for lighter, longer, more enjoyable day hikes or backpacking trips this summer? Or do you find yourself saying, “but I neeeed this”, when packing extra sets of nearly everything in your backpack? Join Appalachian Mountain Club Leaders Julie LePage and Philip Werner […]

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