Looking across the southern Bekaa toward Jebel al-Sheik (Mt. Hermon), on the border of Lebanon, Syria and Israel. (photo by Béatrice Le Bon) -1

Thru-hiking the Lebanon Mountain Trail by Lisa Robbins

I arrived in Beirut three days before the start of my month-long hike in the mountains of Lebanon, the eastern Mediterranean nation bordered by Israel and Syria. I wanted to explore Beirut before heading off into the countryside, but I knew no one and spoke no Arabic, so I looked for an organized walking tour […]

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External Daisy Chains can be used to rig custom attachment points using cord, webbing or a carabiner. Exped Thunder 70 Backpack

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The Exped Thunder 70 ($289) is a comfortable and versatile high volume backpack with an adjustable frame that can be outfitted for many different types of adventures. Featuring convenient rear panel gear access, the Thunder is ideal for multi-sport trips that require different clothing or equipment at different times, such as climbing or mountaineering trips, that require long […]

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The Exped Lightning 60 can haul a lot of gear

Exped Lightning 60 Backpack Review

The Exped Lightning 60 Backpack is a four season multi-sport backpack that’s equally at home on the long trail, hauling climbing gear to the local crag, or pulling a pulk in the backcountry. Featuring an adjustable torso, full body compression, and numerous external attachment points, the 41 ounce ( 2 lbs 9 ounce) Lightning 60 […]

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Waterproof Appalachian Trail Maps and Guide Book

Do You (Still) Need Maps to Hike the Appalachian Trail?

What a question! Do you still need maps to hike a Triple Crown Trail? But an honest one, since the Appalachian Trail is so well blazed, signed, and heavily traveled that you can often just follow the groove eroded in the ground, the white blazes or other hikers headed your way. But despite advances in technology […]

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