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Autumn Hiking and Backpacking Gear List Extras

When Autumn rolls around, I break out my blaze orange hiking cap

Autumn has arrived and with it fewer daylight hours, wet leaves, cold rain, and morning frost. It’s still a great time to go hiking and backpacking, but I like to add a few technical and comfort items to my day hiking and backpacking gear list and swap in some different footwear …

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How to Wash a Synthetic Insulated Jacket or Sleeping Bag

The gentle action of front-loading laundromat washing machines is recommended for washing synthetic insulated jackets and sleeping bags with delicate shell fabrics.

Regular cleaning of synthetic insulated jackets and sleeping bags is recommended to maximize their performance and warmth. However, the use of lightweight exterior shell fabrics requires delicate handling. Here are cleaning and gear maintenance tips to help you clean and restore synthetic insulated garments, quilts, and sleeping bags for optimal use. Synthetic …

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Backpacking Pillow Preferences – Survey Results

Over 90% of backpackers use a pillow of some sort on backpacking trips.

What do inflatable sleeping pads, backcountry bed-style sleeping bags,  mini-LED lanterns, and two-door backpacking tents have in common? If you step back and look at product and technology innovation in the backpacking and camping industry, a lot of it has been focused on making the nighttime camping experience as comfortable …

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Lenticular Clouds on Shelburne Moriah Mountain

Lenticular Clouds over Shelburne Moriah Mountain

Lenticular clouds are saucer shaped clouds that often precede rain. It’s not uncommon to see them over Mt Washington, known for its wild weather and high wind speeds, although you can never predict when they’ll form. I’d woken early and climbed Shelburne Moriah Mountain, a 3700′ peak on the northern …

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Tarptent ProTrail Tent Review

The Tarptent ProTrail Tent is basically a pup tent made with an outer fly and a bathtub floor suspended with bug netting.

The Tarptent ProTrail (MSRP $225) is an ultralight one-person single-walled tent designed for three-season use. Weighing just 26 ounces, the ProTrail is generously sized for one person with plenty of interior room for gear. Setup requires two trekking poles although conventional poles can also be purchased from the manufacturer if you …

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