A smiling Section Hiker melting snow in camp wearing the Sierra Designs DriDown Baffled Parka

Sierra Designs DriDown Baffled Parka Review

The Sierra Designs DriDown Baffled Parka is the quintessential puffy down jacket that’s equally appropriate for winter camping in subzero temperatures or standing on a windy subway platform. This is a seriously warm down jacket made to keep you toasty in the coldest conditions imaginable, above treeline on a frigid crag, or at your kid’s lakeside hockey game. Filled with […]

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A winter fire made from batoned wood

Winter Fire Building Practice – Twice Makes Right

I headed back into the winter woods to practice building a winter fire, a survival skill that I want to master in case I ever need an emergency fire. (see Winter Survival Fire Lighting Skills – Why Don’t We Teach Them? and  Winter Fire Building Trip.) The objective of this practice session was to see if […]

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Katie at the Mt Carrigan Summit Tower

The Winter Route up Mt Carrigan

The route up Mt Carrigan (4681′) in winter is one of the longest, but most rewarding, scenic hikes in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Fourteen miles in length with 3800′ of elevation gain, the winter climb up Carrigan is one of those hikes where more often that not, you’re likely to hike out after dark by headlamp. That doesn’t […]

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Cross-Country Skiing in the White Mountains

Cross Country Skiing: A Different Way to Experience the Trail

Cross-country skiing is a popular sport in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and one that complements the excellent winter hiking and snowshoeing in the region. It also provides access to winter views, such as the one of Mt Crawford here from the banks of the mighty Saco River, that are virtually unreachable without skis. I’ve been wanting […]

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Some flareup is inevitable in winter when lighting the stove with an inverted canister, because the fuel is in liquid not gas form.

Kovea Spider Remote Canister Backpacking Stove Review

The Kovea Spider Remote Canister Stove is a four season backpacking and camping stove that has many advantages over fully integrated and component canister stove systems. First and foremost, the Kovea Spider can be used with different pots of all shapes and sizes, making it convenient for group camping as well as solo backpacking trips. The […]

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