The NeoAir XTherm is about the same height as a Nalgene, but definitely thicker. Still that's pretty small for a winter sleeping pad.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Sleeping Pad Review

When cold weather arrives, I start carrying a sleeping pad with a higher R-value for better insulation against the frigid ground or snow. In the past, that often meant carrying a heavy sleeping pad filled with goose down or Primaloft or two closed cell foam sleeping pads. But those days are over since the introduction of […]

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Campfire on a Cool Autumn Night

Reader Poll: What’s in Your Fire Making Kit?

I always carry a small fire-making kit when I go hiking. It contains a Light My Fire firesteel that can generate sparks and a small sandwich bag with vaseline smeared cotton balls as tinder that light easily and will burn for a few minutes, long enough to get the small sticks in my fire to stay lit. I […]

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Mike and his Wild Oasis Tarp

Bushwhack Bailout

Mike and I were cold and wet when we reached the pond. We’d both gotten soaked on the bushwhack up to Mount Anderson (3740′) and had decided to hike back down to Norcross Pond and camp out instead of continuing deeper into the backcountry. It was the prudent call. We’d received much more rain than […]

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Bushwhacker Ken at Gordon Pond below Mt Wolf

Canister Fever: Wolf Cub and North Peak, Blue Ridge Mountain

My right leg sank knee-deep in the black sulfurous mud before I completely toppled into the stuff. As soon as my friends got a whiff, they backed away from me to escape the stench and put some distance between themselves and my mud coated clothing. I can still pick up a whiff, a week later at home. We’d just […]

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Southern Presidential Range from Mt Rosebrook

Climbing Mt Rosebrook

If you tell a White Mountain peakbagger that you’ve just climbed Mt Rosebrook (3004′), they’re likely to look at you funny and ask where the heck that is. Mt Rosebrook is the main peak of the Bretton Woods Ski resort across the Mt Washington Hotel. Chances are they’ve driven or hiked past it dozens if not […]

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