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Gossamer Gear G4 Backpack

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The 53L Gossamer G4 ultralight backpack is considered a classic ultralight backpack. Created in 1998, this frameless rucksack style pack is crafted for long distance hikers or winter campers who need extra capacity to haul more food, water, or winter weight insulation. The G4’s unique pack shape minimizes loss of loft in your sleeping bag, the massive side pockets […]

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Out of Stock Backpacking Gear

Backpacking Boom or Bust?

“Backpacking and camping gear is flying off the shelves this year”, said a store manager I know who works at a major outdoor retailer. “We haven’t seen anything like this since the 70’s,” the last time that backpacking was popular in the United States. Has the economy improved or are people so inspired by the movie “Wild” that backpacking […]

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Tenkara Instructor and Fishing Guide, Ken Elmer, fly fishing on the Swift River

Tenkara Fly-Fishing and Hiking in the White Mountains

I like learning new skills and Tenkara Fly Fishing is my latest new foray. This is a minimalist, ultralight form of fly fishing using a telescoping 11-12′ carbon fiber rod (weighing 2-3 ounces), a line, fly, and net, making it ideally suited to fishing on day hikes and backpacking trips where you don’t want to […]

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The Arc Blast Backpack is an ultralight cuben fiber backpack with an external carbon fiber frame that is available in three sizes: 45L, 52L, and 60L. Weighing just 17.4 ounces in the 60L version (shown here in orange), the Arc Blast is rated for 30 pound loads making it ideal backpack for thru-hikers and lightweight backpacking trips […]

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Stinson Mountain Trailhead

The View from Stinson Mountain

Located just outside Rumney, near Plymouth, New Hampshire, Stinson Mountain (2900′) is way off the beaten track as far as White Mountain peaks go and finding the trail head is an adventure all by itself. Once I left pavement and headed down the unpaved road that surrounds Stinson Lake, I relied on my intuition and followed the […]

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Reinforced heel provides extra stability

La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0 Trail Runner Review

I recently got back from a 250 mile section hike along the Northern Virginia part of the Appalachian Trail, where I hiked the trail using La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0 trail runners instead of the La Sportiva Ultra-Raptors that I wore most of last year. In this review, I’ll explain the pros and cons of the Wildcat […]

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