Silky GOMBOY 240 Pruning Saw

Some Basic Bushcraft Skills for Backpackers

My ultralight backpacking friends will roll their eyes in dismay when they hear I’ve started carrying a 9.4 ounce Silky GOMBOY 240 Pruning Saw on my shoulder season and winter hikes. But I believe that the gear you carry on a hike on a backpacking trip should meet your objectives and goals for the specific journey you’re taking, not […]

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Saco District Trail Adopter Trainees

Reader Poll: Why Aren’t More Young People Trail Maintainers?

In my interview with Whitney LaRuffa, President of ALDHA-West that I published last week, Whitney expressed a concern that younger people, in their 30’s and 40’s, aren’t involved in trail maintainance activities. The ensuing discussion was rather interesting with different commentors expressing different theories for why many so more older people volunteer to maintain trails. JimC wrote: […]

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Vermont Appalachian Trail Sign

The Pros and Cons of Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy says that 20% of the people who claim to hiking the Appalachian Trail each year are section hikers, although I suspect that the actual number is much higher. While some section hikers complete the trail in just a few years, many others take a decade or more to hike all 2180 miles from Springer Mountain […]

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The Gossamer Gear sit light pads provides a clean place to sit when cooking dinner.

The Gossamer Gear SitLight Sit Pad

All of Gossamer Gear’s overnight backpacks, the Mariposa (69L), the Gorilla (46L), the G4 (66L), and the Murmur (36L) include a SitLight Sit Pad that can be used as a seat during rest breaks or in camp. The foam pad slides into two elastic pad sleeves on the pack of the back to provide cushioning and enhance ventilation. It […]

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Appalachian Trail Sign

New Years Resolutions for 2015

I find it helpful to write down a set of New Year’s resolutions each year about the things I want to learn and accomplish during the next 12 months. Since my life and work revolve around hiking, backpacking, camping, and writing, I get to set goals that are both fun and which I think will be […]

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Casio Men's PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

SectionHiker Gear of the Year Award: Casio PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

Every year, I like to recognize a piece of gear that has the biggest transformational impact on my hiking and backpacking experience by giving it the Section Hiker Gear of the Year Award. This year’s winner is the Casio PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch whose built-in barometric altimeter helped transform my off-trail navigation skills this year. […]

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