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Greenbelly bars

Enter to WIN a FREE Box of (9) Greenbelly Meal Bars!

Greenbelly Bars are a high calorie, super-convenient way to consume a lot of calories on hiking and backpacking trips. I eat a lot of them and they’re a good way to “slam down” a lot of nutritious calories without any food prep. Each packet contains two bars, with a crunchy rice-like texture that goes down […]

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Packrafting on Unknown Pond

Backpacking to Unknown Pond

The town of Berlin, pronounced “BURR-ln”, with the accent on the first syllable, has the feeling of a modern frontier town, where logging trucks, 4×4 pickups, and ATVs outnumber passenger cars. Located in the northernmost section of the White Mountains and New Hampshire, it is the gateway to the remote North Country, a vast region […]

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The best way to avoid black bear encounters is to make a lot of noise when hiking and keep a clean camp when sleeping

Camping Fears: Eastern Black Bears and Safety

Had a reader contact me recently asking me how I managed to get any sleep when backpacking solo. He’d gone on their first overnight trip in Dolly Sods (WV) and been freaked out worrying about eastern bears at night and being attacked while he lay in his hammock. My response: “I am afraid sometimes too, but not […]

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Open Ledges on Cold Brook Trail

Great Hikes: Speckled Mountain via the Cold Brook Trail Ledges

Speckled Mountain is a treeless summit in the Caribou Speckled Wilderness, the newest and easternmost Wilderness Area in the White Mountain National Forest. The site of an old firetower (the foundations are all that remain), it has wonderful views of the peaks in Evans Notch and southern Maine. You can even see Mt Washington on […]

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The Supai Maktat Packraft is a single chamber ultralight inflatable boat for one person

Supai Matkat Ultralight Packraft Review

The Supai Adventure Gear Matkat is an ultralight single chamber packraft designed for flatwater wilderness paddling. Weighing just 26.5 ounces, it rolls up quite compactly making it easy to carry inside a backpack. However, the Matkat is made with lightweight polyester that requires delicate handling. While this makes it lightweight and easy to pack, I’d caution you against taking […]

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