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Ultralight Backpacking Gift Guide

Buying ultralight backpacking gifts is difficult if you’re not an ultralight backpacker yourself. So I’ve assembled this list of recommended UL gifts for you because I know they’d be welcomed by any backpacker you gift them to. Tarptent Protrail Trekking Pole Tent The Tarptent Protrail Trekking Pole Tent ($209) is a storm-worthy trekking pole tent […]

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Hyperlite Mountain Gear CEO, Mike St. Pierre

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Factory Tour

Hyperlite Mountain Gear is an ultralight backpacking gear manufacturer in Biddeford, Maine, a short drive from my favorite hiking and backpacking haunts in New Hampshire. I paid them a visit last month to check out their operation and to talk to Mike St. Pierre, their CEO and head gear designer about his recent 16-day thru hike adventure […]

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Middle Scar Mountain

Bushwhacking Middle and East Scar

I was grumpy at the end of our bushwhack up Middle and East Scar. I was soaking wet, my hands were cold, and my rain pants were shredded. We’d fallen off our line descending from the East peak and I was covered in snow from bushwhacking down the steep south face. I just wanted to […]

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Suunto M3 D/L Compass

Suunto M-3 D Declination Adjustable Compass

The Suunto M-3 D Compass is a baseplate style adventure compass with a declination adjustment that is optimized for use in forested or mountainous terrain where you can rarely see your destination. I’ve been using mine for 4 years, ever since I became really interested in off-trail hiking and navigation and started teaching those skills as […]

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