Stinson Mountain Trailhead

The View from Stinson Mountain

Located just outside Rumney, near Plymouth, New Hampshire, Stinson Mountain (2900′) is way off the beaten track as far as White Mountain peaks go and finding the trail head is an adventure all by itself. Once I left pavement and headed down the unpaved road that surrounds Stinson Lake, I relied on my intuition and followed the […]

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Reinforced heel provides extra stability

La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0 Trail Runner Review

I recently got back from a 250 mile section hike along the Northern Virginia part of the Appalachian Trail, where I hiked the trail using La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0 trail runners instead of the La Sportiva Ultra-Raptors that I wore most of last year. In this review, I’ll explain the pros and cons of the Wildcat […]

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Mt Washington and the Rocky Branch watershed seen from the summit of Mt Parker

Mount Parker and the Mt Stanton Trail

The Doberman started barking when I rounded the corner and I hoped his owner was nearby. When he charged my legs, I stuck my hiking pole in his face and he backed off. That’s the first time I’ve felt seriously threatened by an unleashed dog in the White Mountains. I’d been scared, really scared. The owner then […]

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Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2 Tent Review

The Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 2 is a two person backpacking tent that weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces, making it an excellent choice for backpackers who want to reduce the weight of their gear but still prefer a double-walled tent. Just a few ounces heavier than the one person Fly Creek UL 1, the […]

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Emberlit FireAnt Titanium Wood Stove

Emberlit FireAnt Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove

The Emberlit FireAnt Titanium Wood Stove is a collapsible wood stove that folds flat for easy carriage in your backpack. Weighing just 2.8 ounces, it can be used to burn small pieces of wood  so you don’t have to carry fuel when you go backpacking. It also comes with an optional shelf for holding solid […]

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Wet, even though I'm wearing a good rain jacket and rain pants

When Should You Put on Your Rain Pants?

Wearing rain pants when you’re hiking or backpacking can be a mixed bag because you’re going to get wet whether you put them on or not, when it starts to rain. Huh? Isn’t rain gear supposed to keep you dry? Good luck with that. I sweat when I wear rain gear and I’m hiking, and […]

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