The Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform DW-1 is pitched using your trekking poles to save weight.

Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform DW-1P Tarp Shelter Review

Yama Mountain Gear is an ultralight shelter and gear maker in Charlottesville, Virginia that makes backpacking gear using cuben fiber and silnylon. Owned by long distance hiker and unicycler, Gen Shimizu, the company has quickly established a fiercely loyal following with long distance hikers for its innovative shelter design and impeccable product quality. I purchased a […]

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Snowpeak and JetBoil isobutane canisters have a tendency to rust more than canisters from MSR

Danger: Rusted Isobutane Canisters

Don’t throw away the plastic cap that comes with an isobutane canister and don’t lose it. It’s the only thing that will keep the Lindal valve from rusting. When the valve rusts, it can start to leak gas. I had this happen to me last year after a backpacking trip. I was packing up my […]

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Darn Tough Hiker Socks with Insect Shield

Darn Tough Socks with Insect Shield: Make Your Own

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy Darn Tough Hiker Boot Socks with Insect Shield to protect yourself against Lyme-disease carrying ticks? Unfortunately you can’t, but you can take matters into your own hands and send your socks out to be treated with Insect Shield. That’s what I did before hiking on the Appalachian Trail […]

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AT Section Hike: Petite Gap to Buena Vista (Rt 60)

“I don’t think we’re going to make it to Sunset Field,” I said, to Ken, my trail shuttle driver. The mist on the Blue Ridge Parkway was so thick there was no way we’d make it over Apple Orchard Mountain. “Let me at least take you to a place where the trail crosses the road,” […]

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Bring a tent that's much bigger than you need

Solo Car Camping Tips

I do a lot of solo camping before and after day hikes when I’m up in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for the weekend. It’s a great way to save money, get a good night’s sleep between hikes, and get a little privacy to think. I know a lot of hikers who’d rather sleep in their car […]

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