Climbing Mt Madison via the Howker Ridge Trail

Great Hikes: Mt Madison via The Howker Ridge Trail

There are many trails leading to Mount Madison (5366′), the fifth highest 4000 footer in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and a pyramid-shaped peak of astonishing beauty and grandeur. The easternmost peak in the fearsome Northern Presidentials, it has clear views of neighboring Mt Adams, Mt Jefferson, and Mt Washington, as well as the cavernous Great Gulf Valley […]

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The 25 inch wide Exped SynMat Winterlite Sleeping Pad is very warm and comfortable to sleep on

Raffle: ENTER to WIN a FREE Exped Synmat Winterlite Sleeping Pad

The Exped Synmat Winterlite Sleeping Pad ($199) is a lightweight but luxurious high R-value inflatable sleeping bag (R-Value = 4.9) , that is warm enough for camping on snow, in addition to three season use. Weighing just 18.3 ounces in a 25″ wide (71″ long) model being raffled here, this pad is much wider and more comfortable than […]

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George Cooking Dinner-in the Catskills

Backpacking Stove Safety

Backpacking stoves can greatly increase your comfort and safety on multi-day trips and in challenging weather conditions. There’s nothing like hot food at dinner to warm you up after hiking in the rain all day or hot coffee after sleeping in a shelter after a cold night. However, backpacking stoves can also be very dangerous […]

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Sierra Designs Rain Chaps

Sierra Designs Elite Rain Chaps

If you’re going to buy Sierra Design’s Elite Rain Chaps, you’re going to want to buy them together with Sierra Design’s Cagoule Jacket – they should really be sold together as a set. The rain chaps alone are insufficient for rain protection unless used with a long trench-like hiking rain coat, like the Cagoule, or a rain […]

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