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SectionHiker visits the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin Ireland

Fly Fishing in Dublin, Ireland

My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary by spending a week in Dublin, Ireland this month. While we have very different tastes in vacation destinations (I like the outdoors, she likes history and great restaurants), we’ve found common ground by vacationing in “walking” cities, like London, Edinburgh, and now Dublin that have lots of history […]

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Mica flakes from the Mica Mine on Lord Hill in Evans Notch

Hiking to Lord Hill and the Evans Notch Mica Mine

Evans Notch is on the easternmost border of the White Mountain National Forest straddling New Hampshire and Maine. While it doesn’t boast any 4000 footers, the hiking trails and smaller peaks here are wonderfully scenic and well worth a visit with wide open vistas, moderate hiking, and few crowds. One excellent excursion and a great hike for kids, is […]

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230 Mile Bacpacking Route over 48 Mountains

Trip Planning: How Long Will It Take Me to Backpack XX Miles?

I’ve been getting a lot of emails this year from beginner backpackers who want guidance about how to estimate that time it takes to backpack a long section of trail. Here are some examples: I plan to hike the Presidential Range and the Maine Appalachian Trail this summer. How long should it take me? I’m a […]

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Packrafting is a fun way to augment backpacking adventures. (Photo

How to Choose a Packrafting PFD

Packrafting with an inflatable raft is a fun way to enhance your backcountry adventure by giving you the ability to travel over water, not just overland by foot. However, water-based travel introduces a new set of risks and the need for additional gear, including a personal flotation device (PFD), to mitigate the consequences of losing […]

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The Dutchware Argon Vented Winter Sock is a large sleeve that wraps around your hammock and under cover

Dutchware Vented Hammock Sock Review

If you plan to hammock in cool weather, say 40 degrees or less, it really pays to add a overcover and a quilt undercover to your hammock system. A overcover is a lightweight fabric shield that drapes over your ridgeline. It blocks wind that creeps around your tarp while trapping body heat and warming the […]

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