American Hiking Society – 35th Anniversary Raffle

Brazos Oak Travellers Walking Stick

Brazos Oak Travelers Walking Stick

The American Hiking Society is celebrating a big Mile Marker this month,  it’s 35th anniversary. You can join in the Mile Marker celebration this week by posting your own exciting hiking adventures, accomplishments or experiences before noon (EDT) on October 24th on the Section Hiker Facebook page. Pics are encouraged!

Win an Oak Travelers Walking Stick from Brazos

One lucky person will win an Oak Travelers Walking Stick from Brazos with a laser etched American Hiking Society logo. The Travelers Stick offers the same stability of a regular Brazos walking stick but unscrews into 3 x 19″ segments, making it easy to take on airplanes and travel with. The Traveler’s Stick is also outfitted with a versatile combination rubber tip and spike, making it perfect for trekking on pavement, or off the beaten path.

The Brazos Traveler's Stick unscrews into three 19 inch pieces.

The Brazos Traveler's Stick unscrews into three 19 inch pieces.

To Enter

What memories, adventures, or accomplishments will you always treasure as part of your hiking experience? Maybe it’s the first time you went on an overnight backpacking trip or a place that you hiked with magnificent scenery.

Post your Mile Marker on the Section Hiker Facebook page today and Win!

An Example Entry

Here’s an example of my first mile marker to get you started.

When I was a young boy, my father brought a wooden walking stick home for me from a business trip. I’ll never forget that present. I carried that hiking stick everywhere I walked for over a year, exploring the forest and parks near our house with my friends and on my own.

I told this story to my Dad a few weeks ago when we were celebrating his 90th birthday and about how meaningful that gift had been for me. It’s funny that a wooden hiking stick could have such a meaningful and long lasting effect on a child, but it really created a connection between me and my Dad.

Receiving that wooden hiking stick was like a rite of passage for me, giving me more confidence, as I ventured out farther and farther from home on my own. It’s a connection that has withstood the test of time and I often think of my Dad and the influence he’s had on my life when I’m hiking during long backpacking trips.

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