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ENTER to WIN a FREE Osprey Packs Talon 44 Backpack

Osprey Packs Talon 44 Backpack
Osprey Packs Talon 44 Backpack

The Osprey Packs Talon 44 is a fully featured backpack suitable for everything from technical day hikes to overnight backpacking trips. An adjustable internal frame pack, it provides a body hugging fit that provides excellent load transfer to the hips in a lightweight (39 ounce) and affordable package. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better backpack for your money in the lightweight and ultralight backpacking category.

To Enter

To enter this random raffle to win an Osprey Packs Talon 44 Backpack (size M/L), answer ALL of the following questions in a comment below:

  1. Do you use carbon fiber trekking poles, aluminum trekking poles, or no trekking poles?
  2. Are your trekking poles adjustable? If so, please specify how they lock in place:
    • twist lock
    • lever clamp-style lock (also called flick-lock)
    • a push-button lock
    • or some combination of these (please explain)
  3. What’s the make and model of your poles?
  4. Would you recommend these poles to a friend?

Example Entries

I use carbon fiber Pacer Poles which have a twist lock. I recommend them to all my friends 

I’ll never use twist lock poles again, I use aluminum Black Diamond Trail trekking poles with a flick (lever) lock. I recommend them to all my friends. 

I use Cascade Mountain Carbon fiber poles that have lever lock adjustments. But they keep coming loose and I wouldn’t recommend them. 

My aluminum Exped poles have two parts. A twist lock on the upper segment and a push button lock on the lower that only slots into preset lengths. The combination still gives me good adjustability though. They were inexpensive, but they’re a little on the heavy side and I wouldn’t recommend them. 

Deadline to Enter

The deadline to enter this raffle is Monday, June 20, 2016 at midnight EST.

  • All raffle entrants will have one chance to win.
  • A winner will be selected randomly from all valid and complete entries.
  • Please keep everything rated G.
  • The prize winner can live anywhere that has postal service (including international.)
  • If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Leave a Comment to Enter

Answer ALL of the questions that apply to you. Incomplete answers will be disqualified.

  1. Do you use carbon fiber trekking poles, aluminum trekking poles, or no trekking poles?
  2. Are your trekking poles adjustable? If so, please specify how they lock in place:
    • twist lock
    • lever clamp-style lock (also called flick-lock)
    • a push-button lock
    • or some combination of these (please explain)
  3. What’s the make and model of your poles?
  4. Would you recommend these poles to a friend?

Answer the questions to enter. Make sure to answer ALL of them.


  1. I use Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles with adjustable fliklocks. I specifically purchased and used these poles for a 10 day (70+ kilometer) trek in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. I am able to recommend these poles to friends and fellow hikers. The poles are light weight, durable, and comfortable to use all day long in hot weather. These are the top three attributes which made them both valuable and practical in my personal experience. I would also offer that trekking poles, regardless of brand or type, will be either useful, …or potentially hazardous if used inappropriately. Trekking poles are interactive equipment, and must be utilized with a great deal of mindfulness. Good luck and have fun…

  2. I do not use any trekking poles.

  3. Kevin James Sherred

    1. Aluminum
    2. Flick Lock
    3. Black Diamond Trail Ergo
    4.I would absolutely recommend these poles!!

  4. I use a pair of Costco carbon fiber trekking poles with clamp-lock adjustments. I was not sure if I was going to like walking with poles so I did not want to invest a lot of money in a first set. So far, I’ve really liked using them and they are light enough (16oz) that I don’t really envision getting a new higher-end pair.

    For the price and weight, I’d certainly recommend the Costco (Cascade Mountain brand) poles to anyone interested in trying out using poles.

  5. I use Leki Makalu aluminum trekking poles with twist locks (vintage 2008) only when I’m hiking steep or slippery trails. They make climbing steep grades (think Grand Canyon) easier and help maintain balance on rocky or slippery trails (think wet rocks & roots). I would recommend them to a friend although if I were buying again, I would likely look for something a bit lighter. As it is, mine work well enough that I’m not planning to send them to the landfill in the foreseeable future.

  6. I own multiple sets of poles. Left my favorite pair of Leki’s behind when I was hiking Chandler Brook from the Auto Road. Gone when I came back for them 15 minutes later. They had no paint left on them after many years of use. I’m presently using my first pair if Leki’s that I pro dealed when I worked at Pinkham. They no longer adjust as I did not dry them after many stream crossings, they are fused in place. Great poles, still work after 15 years of heavy use. Have 4 pairs of Leki’s, 2 Komperdales & Black Diamonds that my Wife uses. BD’s are the Ultra Distance Carbon’s, her have lasted. I snapped my BD’s after 8 days on the AT 4 years ago. BD refused to warrenty carbon poles. Would only buy Lekis!

  7. I do not use trekking poles yet.

    However, based on the comments that I see here when I do begin to use trekking poles I’ll try a set from Black Diamond carbon fiber with flip lock.

    If I waited to have everything I wanted I’d never make it into the woods!

  8. 1. I use aluminum trekking poles
    2. Flick lock
    3. Black Diamond Trail Back
    4. I would definitely recommend these. Great price/performance balance. I got them at Sierra Trading Post, so they weren’t much more than $35 or so at the time.

  9. I use aluminum poles from Kelty which helped me cross several rivers with a sprained ankle. They twist in two different sections and held up the whole way back to the car as rain came down on us. Without these pole’s I would have probably needed to have called a park ranger station for them to rescue me which is quite costly! A highly recommended brand for trekking pole’s.

  10. Do you use carbon fiber trekking poles, aluminum trekking poles, or no trekking poles? I use aluminum poles sometimes.

    Are your trekking poles adjustable? Yes, using a flicklock.

    What’s the make and model of your poles? Black Diamond Trail Back.

    Would you recommend these poles to a friend? Absolutely.

  11. I use aluminum Tracks poles with push button locks on the pole. When someone is skiing, you can use the pointed steel tips to add ski baskets or use the rubber tips (paw tracks) which I have always used just for hiking. I have been fairly happy with them and the rubber paw tips seem to grip well when hiking over rocks, But plastic rings that slip into the extension overlap have started to crack and loosen. When hiking, that plastic rattles and you can hear me coming!

    • I used an adjustable Komperdell Thermo Titanal 3 composite Carbon fiber and Aluminium trekking poles with lever clamp style lock that comes in 3 parts that makes it very easy to pack. The poles have carbide tips and baskets for use on snow and soft muddy stretches. I used two poles on my 3 weeks of hiking in Ireland and Wales and would not have been able to hike some of the inclines on both ascent and descent without these lightweight, heavy duty poles. I would have no hesitation in recommending these to my friends as the 4 others in my trekking party would attest to. It is the best investment in hiking gear that I have made in a very long time.

  12. I use an aluminum Komperdell twist-lock anti-shock cork handle pole. I usually just use one depending on the steepness. I would recommend them if one has a tight budget. These are quite old now but in fairly good shape. The cork handle extends about a foot which I find handy at times. They are heavier than many of the newer poles. I’m probably due for a new lighter pair.

  13. I don’t use trekking poles. I have used them in the past and I find that they are more of a pain than they are worth. I would not recommend their use to anyone I know, unless they are dealing with knee problems.

  14. I have not use trekking poles before.

  15. Shannon Lefebvre

    I use aluminum trek pools with twist lock from Jesban. I would not recommend them due to the strap being poor design.

  16. Summer:
    1. Material – Titanium
    2. Adjustable – Twist lock
    3. Model – Leki ultralite Makalu ti
    4. Recommend – Yes
    Comment: No problem with twist lock when cleaned (disassembled and wiped) once in a while per manufacturer’s instructions. Many miles and abuse. So scratched I sanded the rest of the color off the bottom of 3 sections.

    1. Material – Aluminum
    2. Adjustable – lever clamp
    3. Model – Leki ultralite Makalu Aluminum
    4. Recommend – No
    Comment: Save these for snow hiking because they or still ‘pretty’ and have snow baskets. Adjustment clamps are flawless, but these pole quiver/vibrate upon impact on dry trail.

  17. 1. I don’t use trekking poles. I have considered them but I’m not convinced they’re worth the extra weight.
    2. NA
    3. NA
    4. NA

  18. I use a set of Black Diamond flick locks and I really like them. No idea what the model is–too banged up/scratched up to read, and I don’t know what they’re made of, but they do everything from aiding stream crossings, to helping my knees on the downhills, to pitching my trekking pole supported TarpTent at night. Pretty versatile, and durable.

  19. I use Leki Makalu aluminum trekking poles. They have shock absorbers and a twist-type lock. I use a tarp tent, and these poles work great for my tarp. I also have replaced the baskets, tips and twist-locks: easy job.
    Once I decided to “just try” the poles, I saw my hiking “career” extended by several years. They are especially helpful for my 68-year-old knees on steep descents.
    I would definitely recommend these to anyone, although, they are probably too heavy for the ultralight clan.

  20. I have never used a trekking pole. I have used long ice axes for support.

  21. I use aluminum poles made by Komperdell. I don’t know the model. Bought them roughly 15 years ago and the model name or number is no longer visible. They are adjustable, using a twist lock mechanism that has proven itself as very reliable. I like the adjustability because I use them as the poles for my Tarptent.

  22. I dont use any trekking poles when hiking because I have never gotten around to buying them and have never known which ones to get.

  23. 6061 Aluminum; flick-lock; Health Pro MBC M3710 Q; and, yes, I would recommend them. Can’t beat the price on-line or at Wally world. I used to carry just a walking stick but the last several section-hikes have convinced me without reserve that using trekking poles are a great help.

  24. I use aluminum telescoping, triple spring system trekking poles that adjust by twist lock. They are Leki Super Makalu Cortec with a cork (or cork composite) angled grip purchased in 1996 and still going strong! Yes, I would absolutely recommend these poles to a friend!

  25. I will not use poles, I will not use them on a train, I will not use them in a box (canyon), I will not use them with a fox. I will not use hiking poles.
    Though, I will occasionally grab a sturdy stick when going down hill. That is helpful for this old man Sam.

  26. I use carbon fiber Leki trekking poles with a combination of twist & lever locks. I absolutely would recommend them to every hiker. I started using them about 3 years ago & hate hiking without them

  27. No trekking poles

  28. 1. Material Carbon
    2. Adjustable, twist locked
    3. model – PacerPoles 4. I recommed for all – Yes

  29. Raffle entry is now closed.

  30. 1. I use aluminum trekking poles.
    2. Yes, they are twist lock.
    3. Can’t recall.
    4. Yes, they’re great, will update with the make/model.

  31. Material – Aluminum
    The poles are Flick Lock
    Model- Black Diamond
    Yes I will recommend theses to my friends.

    I just started backpacking and they habe worked very well. Also their price point was just right

  32. Brent Hollingsworth won this raffle