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Birds Nest with a View

Birds Nest Inside a house

Last year we had mice. This year, birds have invaded our house.

We've got a woodpecker who knocks his head against our bedroom wall every day. Thank god he works the same hours as me. Otherwise, I'd have to get the sawzall out.

We also have a bird who's moved into our stain glassed window and built a nest. The window was conserved a few years ago and a plexiglass sheet was mounted inside to keep the wind from blowing in. But it means that we can observe the bird from inside, like one of those old anthills that kids used to have. Seems a shame to evict the bird.


  1. That's so cool! haven't seen anything like that before. Strange that the bird hasn't been spooked by your movements.

  2. The window is on our front staircase which we don't use much, so miss bird gets lots of privacy.

  3. Birds are quite peculiar when it comes to building nests. A bird built a nest in a basket on my parent's front door porch. Like 12 inches away from the door and it's never bothered by our coming and going. Every year she comes back to the same nest.

  4. I've been letting eastern phoebes board in my porch overhang for years. This year they picked the portion right over the steps and I finally figured out they're knocking mites onto me when they flush as I pass under. The first batch of chicks have left–and one is already a pile of feathers against my foundation wall courtesy of the neighbors cat–and that area is now permanently off limits.

  5. It turned out not to be a bird, but a nest of baby squirrels and mom. They’ve been evicted. Peacefully.

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