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Bottle-based Water Filters

Natural Water Source on the Mahoosuc Trail

Trailspace.com has just published a comparison of five In Bottle Water Filters that I researched and wrote last month. These filters are a great gift item for the holidays if you have a hiker in the family who needs a little push to discover the freedom that comes with using natural water sources. Looking back, buying my first water filter completely changed my perception of the distance it was possible to hike in one day. When I realized that I could hike as far as I wanted, it really opened up some new horizons for me.


  1. Does the Travel Tap that you reviewed on your website fall in the same 'con' category as the Aquamira and Bota water bottles?

  2. I've never used the Travel Tap first-hand so I can't say for sure: here's the post you are referring too: http://sectionhiker.com/2009/09/23/water-purifier

    However, the Travel Tap is different because it's a purifier, not a filter. This is significant because it cleans more stuff out of the water, like viruses. That alone requires a higher grade of manufacture and testing, so my bet is that it is a better product.

  3. Any thoughts on the Lifesaver bottle?

    Looks a little large and heavy, but backup their claims.

    The manufacture of the Travel Tap posts their test results.

  4. Looks pretty interesting – can you get me one to test? I like the combination pump, pre-filter, fiber filter, and activated carbon. Would love to try it out.

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