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Reader Poll: Describe the Pros and Cons of Your Winter Hiking Boots

Lightweight, Insulated Winter Hiking Boots
Lightweight, Insulated Winter Hiking Boots

What shoes or boots do you hike with in the winter?

  • Name the manufacturers and models you use.
  • What do you like or dislike about them?

Please leave a comment so that other can benefit from your advice and experiences.


  1. I have been using several different types of boots when I hike in the winter. My fallback is an older pair of Coleman hiking boots. They fit well, are reasonably comfortable, but have very limited traction. They were most likely designed to be a cold temperature trail boot, not a cold weather trail boot. I usually have to strap on my Yak Trax to them to ensure better traction, although they leave a lot to be desired on hilly terrain.
    My second pair is a pair of work style boots from Wally World. They aren’t as comfortable but extremely sturdy and work well. They have better traction, but don’t keep the water out as well.
    My final pair is a pair of military surplus mickey mouse boots. They are big, heavy boots, but my feet never get cold and they have fairly decent traction. Not good for long hikes, but good enough for ventures out into the local state forests.

  2. I wear a Meindl Air Revolution Hiking Boots. They have gore-tex and thick vibram soles for awesome traction. They are heavy and rigid for summer use, but perfect for winter use with crampons.

  3. I wear Hi Tek Altitude IV Waterproof Boots. I like that they are rugged, light, truly waterproof, and crampons fit them well. I dislike that there isn’t much insulation, however that can be added.

  4. I use the Vasque Sublime (UltraDry). I like the treads, combination of water proof with leather that keeps the snow off in the first place. Cons: too heavy, and the fleece collar, while comfortable, can hold onto snow too much. Always good to wear gators as well.

  5. I have a pair of Asolo Powermatic 200s that I wear hiking during winter. The best thing about them is how comfortable they are. I can wear them all day without getting hotspots or tired feet. The worst thing about them was the price. However, they’re worth it.

  6. I use a pair of Adidas trail runners, been using the same model for about 6 years. Love em because of the weight but some parts of the sole are foam, and they tear away on really rocky climbs.

  7. Vasque 7690, Velocity GTX. GoreTex and a light level of insulation.
    Bought them on sale at REI, my first pair of hiking boots, so I don’t have anything to compare them to, I use minimalists during the other 3 seasons.
    I’ve worn them on overnight hikes with temps below 0F. At the single digits and below with good wool socks my feet will start to get cold if I stop moving for a while, but as long as I’m hiking my feet stay warm (but I am an extremely warm bodied hiker, I usually don’t wear gloves above 0F either), I don’t think they would be as good for others. The insoles are not the most comfortable, but they are not uncomfortable. I’ll probably try some superfeet at some point and see if they help. Otherwise they’ve done me fine on all my winter hikes and overnight trips. Decent enough traction in snow, but always helped by microspikes which wear comfortably with no noticeable pinching. With my MSR Evo Ascent they work fine as well.

    These will probably last me many years since they still look brand new except for wear on the insoles, and I don’t see any reason to replace them at this point either.

  8. I have a pair of older Columbia boots that are well broken in and provide good protection. I like them because they are light but warm. The only con I have is that they are getting old and seem to be losing some of their original glory.

  9. I have a pair of La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX boots. These are a technical mountaineering boot that also excels for any winter activity. I have used them snowshoeing, mountaineering, hiking, and ice climbing. They are not lightweight but they are warm, waterproof, and work amazingly well with crampons. I bought them specifically for ice climbing but use them for all my winter activities.

  10. My Vasque leather/Gortex uppers with thick Vibram soles do not indicate anywhere on them which particular model they are. I like these boots a lot because they are very rugged, waterproof, and support my ankles extremely well. They also protect the soles of my feet from any indication of the many rocks, large and small, over which I hike. I wear them year-round; they are warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer. They work well with snowshoes, but I find that my microspikes tend to slip around just a little on them (not too badly). They are heavy, but I actually like that.

    The left boot has never quite fit correctly in the heel, and after about 10 – 12 miles it starts to get uncomfortable. The worst thing about them is they are size 10.5, and so they’re too big for these crampons you are raffling :-(

  11. just sent email to the raffle winner. Check your inboxes!

  12. And the winner is Tommy Murphy! Congrats!

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