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White Blaze

Appalachian Trail Section Hiking Gear List

This backpacking gear list is for a three week Appalachian Trail section hike I’ll be taking from mid-April through early May, starting in northern Virginia and heading north. I’m not exactly sure what how much mileage I’ll cover but it should be somewhere between 300-400 miles. This gear list doesn’t include the weight of the water, […]

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The ATC Sells Adopt-a-Trail Sponsorships to Corporations

12 Appalachian Trail Predictions for 2025

The release of the movies “Wild” and “A Walk in the Woods” in 2014 resulted in a huge backpacking boom that saw a 1000% increase in the number of thru-hikers and section hikers on the Appalachian Trail. Things were never quite the same on the AT after that and it got even weirder than before. Here’s […]

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Vermont Appalachian Trail Sign

The Pros and Cons of Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy says that 20% of the people who claim to hiking the Appalachian Trail each year are section hikers, although I suspect that the actual number is much higher. While some section hikers complete the trail in just a few years, many others take a decade or more to hike all 2180 miles from Springer Mountain […]

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Mount Moosilauke

Missing Cairns on Mount Moosilauke

Mount Moosilauke is the first big mountain that Appalachian Trail northbounders encounter when they climb through the White Mountains. The 10th highest four thousand footer in the White Mountain 48, it has a very different profile and personality than most of the other high peaks in the region, Known for being exceptionally windy, it can be […]

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Grandma Gatewood

The Real Grandma Gatewood

Grandma Gatewood is often cited at the first ultralight backpacker because she thru-hiked hiked the Appalachian Trail using a shower curtain as a shelter with only 12 pounds of gear. I doubt that’s the reason for her success. More than anything, she was a survivor, who’s story has lessons for us all. The real Grandma […]

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Appalachian Trail Railroad Stop

The Appalachian Trail Railroad Stop

When Benton Mackaye first proposed the Appalachian Trail (see An Appalachian Trail: A Project in Regional Planning), he envisioned a place where urban workers could spend their free time outdoors in order to recuperate from the drudgery of factory life. However, if you read his seminal paper, he doesn’t explain how these workers and their […]

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