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Salty. Calorically Dense Foods

White Mountain Challenge Food List

Click here for a printable PDF version. Just a few more weeks to go and I’m going to start my White Mountain Challenge hike, a 230 mile unsupported, un-resupplied hike over all 48 of the AMC White Mountain 4000 footers, and everything in between. (see The White Mountain Challenge Guidelines and FAQ) An 18 Day Backpacking Food Menu […]

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Outdoor Herbivore Lickety Split Lentils

10 Outdoor Herbivore No Cook Meals

I have been experimenting with no cook backpacking meals from Outdoor Herbivore for the past six weeks to see if I want to bring them on a big backpacking trip I have slated for this year. I’ve been burned by bringing food that I haven’t tried at home on trips beforehand, so it’s worth my […]

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Cereal Maple Blueberry Crunch

No Cook Backpacking by Kim Safdy of Outdoor Herbivore

Backpackers are always looking for ways to save pack weight. Some continuously upgrade to the latest lightweight gear, while others remain solely focused on eliminating all but the necessities. Regardless of the motivation, the objective is the same – to lessen the load so that hiking is easier and more enjoyable. Thus, a common reaction […]

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High fiber Hiking

Reader Poll: Ever Have a High Fiber Backpacking Food Overdose?

If you’re not careful, you can easily eat too much fiber on a backpacking trip with combustible or even explosive consequences! Dried apricots, fig newtons, nuts and other foods eaten in sufficient quantities can cause a tremendous amount of gas, severe constipation, or worse! What is the worst high fiber backpacking food overdose you’ve every […]

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Trader Joe's Almonds are a great backpacking food

10 Ultralight Backpacking Foods

The best ultralight backpacking foods are high in calories, compact, and fast to prepare. In order to keep your food load as lightweight as possible, you want to carry foods that have 100 calories per ounce or more. One ounce is 28.3 grams, a fact that will help you compare food labels, measure out portions, and […]

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