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Outdoor Herbivore Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce with Ramen Noodles

Outdoor Herbivore: Vegan Cheddar Garden Herb Sauce

Outdoor Herbivore’s Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce is a great way to dress up ramen noodles or instant mashed potatoes and turn them into a tasty powerhouse of a meal. Entirely vegan and non-dairy, you’ll swear there’s cheddar cheese  in this sauce even though it’s just a mix of nutritional yeast, whole wheat flour and spices. […]

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Morton Salt

Low Sodium Backpacking Meals: Pass On the Salt Please

I’ve been trying a few new meal options over the past month in preparation for a multi-week section hike along the Appalachian Trail, which has included testing out Mountain House and Harmony House backpacking meals and Knorr Rice and Pasta sides. Frankly, I’ve been appalled by the amount of sodium included in these meals, especially […]

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Dehydrated Milk Varieties are available for a lot of different dietary preferences

Milk is the New Gatorade

Milk is the new Gatorade for backpackers. At least dehydrated milk is. What other energy drink weighs so little but packs such a big punch in terms of calories and overall nutrition? With a caloric density of 150 calories per once (dry), drinking a quart of whole milk will add 640 calories to your diet per day, […]

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