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Desert Hiking Tips, Tricks and Best Practices from the PCT by Mike Henrick

It's not uncommon to see the trail wind its way ahead for miles at a time like this scene at Deep Creek

Growing up exploring the dense, rain forests of the eastern United States, my first steps in the desert of the Pacific Crest Trail came as an incredible shock. Desert Hiking I had never imagined seeing the trail wind its way down the mountain in front of me, past juniper and pinyon …

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Chafing and How to Prevent It

Hiking in Hot Weather on the Maine, AT

There’s nothing worse than chafing on a hike – chafing between your thighs or butt cheeks. It is absolute agony when you can’t stop because your schedule or a limited supply of food requires that you keep hiking. Here are a few tips to prevent chafing or worst case, how …

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Leukotape for Blister Prevention

Leukotape stays stuck after 34 miles of Hiking and Snowshoeing

I was sidelined a few years ago two enormous heel blisters, the size of quarters, after hiking the Kinsman Mountains in January. I had a pair of worn out liners in my mountaineering boots that should have been replaced and my preventative sock and heel taping system completely failed. Perhaps more troubling is …

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