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Campsite Setup Checklist -1

Camping Gear Checklist

My wife has expressed a willingness, even a desire to go car camping with me. But we both get anxious when we have to pack up for a multi-day car camping trip, so I created this checklist of all the stuff we need to bring. It really helped minimize the stress of getting ready for […]

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Thunderstorm Activity for the Appalachian Trail in Stratton, Maine

How to Avoid Thunderstorms While Hiking and Backpacking

I am very cautious when hiking during thunderstorm season, especially above treeline where these is no protection from lightning, hail, and high winds. I’ve just had too many calls where thunderstorms have caught me out in the open and scared me half to death with their fury. While I can peacefully sleep through storms like this […]

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Ultralight Water Purification

Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking by Allison Nadler

Click to see Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking on Presi The benefits of ultralight backpacking and carrying lighterweight gear aren’t limited to overnight backpacking trips, but can also benefit day hikers. There’s a huge overlap in the type of equipment, clothing, gear and skills that backpackers and day hikers require on hikes, especially when peakbagging big […]

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Bad-smelling, Dirt-Encrusted Trail Runners

How to Deodorize Smelly Trail Runners

Do your trail runners or trail shoes smell like really bad breath? Do your housemates make you keep them outside because they smell so overpowering, like Dog-sh*t? Does the smell remain even after regular rinsing? Do you own a separate pairs for work and socializing because the trail running/hiking pair can’t be worn in public? All is […]

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Andrew Skurka teaches compass navigation and map reading basics

Backpacking in the White Mountains with Andrew Skurka

If you want to learn how to backpack but want to pick up the skills required quickly without spending a few years doing it, taking a Backpacking Fundamentals Class with Andrew Skurka is the way to go. This is a hands-on course that Andrew teaches in multiple locations each year across the United States. I […]

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Cut out two patches from a roll of Tenancious Tape

How to Repair Mesh Backpack Pockets

I have torn holes in the side pockets of many backpacks, enough that I now ding manufacturers in product reviews that include them on backpacks because they’re not durable enough. External mesh pockets are nice to have, but the only “safe” place to put them so they don’t get ripped up is on the front of […]

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