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Rain and Cooking in Rainy Weather adds a whole new dimension to your backpacking experience.

How to Cook Backpacking Food in the Rain

I had a reader contact me recently asking me how he could cook dinner in the rain, inside a double walled tent with an MSR Whisperlite stove. He wanted to know whether he should get rid of his tent and replace it with a tarp that could be pitched higher and had better air flow. […]

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Wetsuits haven't changed much since the 70's and still work by insulating a thin film of water near your body.

When is a Hiking Rain Jacket like a Wet Suit?

Hiking rain jackets don’t keep you dry in the rain; they keep you warm. If you don’t believe me, go hiking in the rain for 4+ hours and see if the clothing inside your jacket stays dry. Unless you’re hiking someplace with extremely low humidity, I bet the clothing under your jacket will get wet, […]

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Hiking on the AT with my trusty Fox 40 Whistle

Reader Poll: Do you Carry an Emergency Whistle When Hiking?

I always carry an emergency whistle (a Fox 40 Classic) when I go hiking, one that I tie onto my backpack’s shoulder pad. It’s much much louder than the pathetic whistles that many backpack manufacturers include on sternum straps. Whistles are much louder than the human voice and their sound carries much further than shouting […]

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Group hikes are fun and organized hikes take the guesswork out of trip planning if you're unfamiliar with an area.

10 Tips for Beginner Day Hikers

While SectionHiker is a backpacking blog, I also do an enormous amount of day hiking and like it because it can be such a social experience. Here are some tips that I provide day hikers who are just getting started and contact me seeking advice, to set them on the right path. 1. Find a […]

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DIY Cat Food Can Alcohol Stove

7 Advantages of Alcohol Backpacking Stoves

Alcohol backpacking stoves are popular with long distance hikers and with good reason. Here are the 7 reasons why they’re a good option for backcountry cooking, especially if you’re a beginner, looking to soften the up front expense of buying backpacking gear. 1. Alcohol stoves are inexpensive Alcohol stoves are very inexpensive and you can easily […]

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