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Wet, even though I'm wearing a good rain jacket and rain pants

When Should You Put on Your Rain Pants?

Wearing rain pants when you’re hiking or backpacking can be a mixed bag because you’re going to get wet whether you put them on or not, when it starts to rain. Huh? Isn’t rain gear supposed to keep you dry? Good luck with that. I sweat when I wear rain gear and I’m hiking, and […]

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Bring a tent that's much bigger than you need

Solo Car Camping Tips

I do a lot of solo camping before and after day hikes when I’m up in New Hampshire’s White Mountains for the weekend. It’s a great way to save money, get a good night’s sleep between hikes, and get a little privacy to think. I know a lot of hikers who’d rather sleep in their car […]

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George Cooking Dinner-in the Catskills

Backpacking Stove Safety

Backpacking stoves can greatly increase your comfort and safety on multi-day trips and in challenging weather conditions. There’s nothing like hot food at dinner to warm you up after hiking in the rain all day or hot coffee after sleeping in a shelter after a cold night. However, backpacking stoves can also be very dangerous […]

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Stuff Sacks

Reader Poll: Backpacking Packing Tips

What packing and organizational tips would you give beginner backpackers or day hikers, that will help them fit all their gear into a backpack? Example Entries Put your sleeping bag at the bottom of your backpack and pile all the rest of your gear on top of it. Lash bulky gear to the outside of your backpack […]

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The Dash 2 is a tight fit for two people with 20 inch sleeping pads. There is simply no room floor space left, width-wise.

10 Backpacking Gear Myths

It’s amazing how some backpacking gear myths persist, even when there’s ample evidence to the contrary. Here are my favorites.  1. Two people can fit in a 2 person tent. Most two person tents are too small to actually fit two people unless they’re 8 years old. If you want *any* extra space in a […]

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