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Gossamer Gear G4 Backpack

ENTER to WIN a FREE Gossamer Gear G4 Backpack

The 53L Gossamer G4 ultralight backpack is considered a classic ultralight backpack. Created in 1998, this frameless rucksack style pack is crafted for long distance hikers or winter campers who need extra capacity to haul more food, water, or winter weight insulation. The G4’s unique pack shape minimizes loss of loft in your sleeping bag, the massive side pockets […]

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Wearing a Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Brace

Reader Poll: Knee, Ankle, and Leg Braces for Hikers

Knock on wood, my knees and ankles have been injury free for the past couple of years. But there was a time when I had to wear knee braces or patella straps to keep my knees from swelling when I hiked. At the time, I relied on Cho-Pat knee braces which were very popular with hikers […]

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Stuff Sacks

Reader Poll: Backpacking Packing Tips

What packing and organizational tips would you give beginner backpackers or day hikers, that will help them fit all their gear into a backpack? Example Entries Put your sleeping bag at the bottom of your backpack and pile all the rest of your gear on top of it. Lash bulky gear to the outside of your backpack […]

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MSR WindBoiler Stove System

Reader Poll: Bucket List Hikes?

I want to compile a bucket list of hikes and backpacking trips, so I figured I’d ask you for input. Please leave a comment below that describes: a bucket list hiking or backpacking trip you’ve taken with a guide, the place you went, and the value the guide provided. (Guides can be professional guides or major excursion leaders […]

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Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats

Reader Poll: Do you Take Rest Breaks when Hiking?

How often you take rest breaks during a day hike or backpacking trip and how long you rest for. For example, is there a specific reason that you stop and rest? Example Entries I stop for a rest break every two hours when I’m hiking for 15 minutes, so I can drink a liter of […]

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