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The Soto Amicus is a canister style backpacking stove with a built in pot stand and wind screen.

Gear Raffle: ENTER to WIN a FREE Soto Amicus Canister Stove

Soto is a Japanese manufacturer known for its high quality canister (Windmaster) and liquid fuel backpacking (Muka) stoves. Their newest canister stove, the Amicus (which means friend in Latin), is priced at $44.95 with a built-in piezo igniter and includes many of the features found on their more expensive models including four folding pot stand supports and […]

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Over the Hill Hikers

Reader Poll: Exercise Advice for Aging Hikers

What can older hikers do to help offset the stiffness, aches, and pains that come with getting older so that they can continue hiking into their late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. That’s the question that a reader sent me last week. She writes: This issue has been on my mind as well, since I’m now […]

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Do hiking boots help prevent sprained ankles when you have a heavy backpack?

Myth or Fact: Do Hiking Boots Prevent Sprained Ankles?

A lot of hikers believe that you need to wear leather hiking boots when you carry a heavy backpack because they provide more support for your ankles and help prevent ankle sprains. But I’ve never found any research or scientific studies that proves this to be true. In fact, common sense holds quite the opposite, that […]

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