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How to Choose

Backpacking Rain Pants: How to Choose

Rain Pants will keep you warmer in cool weather when hiking in torrential rain. Forget about staying dry though.

Backpacking rain pants are designed to keep you warm when you’re hiking in rain, snow, or a cold breeze. They do this by trapping your body heat and by preventing cold precipitation, rain, or wind from stripping it away. While it’d be great if they also kept you dry in …

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Gossamer Gear Backpacks: How to Choose

Gossamer Gear Backpacks - How to Choose

If you’ve never purchased an ultralight backpack before, it can be challenging to figure out which Gossamer Gear backpack is right for you. Here are some tips to help you with the selection process.  Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L – unisex The Mariposa 60 Lightweight Backpack is the highest volume backpack that …

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How to Choose an Ultralight Tent or Shelter

Floor-less UL Shelters are undesirable if you need to camp out on dished out, packed earth tent pads, that flood when it rains (shown Guthook's MEC silylon tarp)

A lot of SectionHiker readers contact me asking for advice about which ultralight shelter they should buy. These purchases are almost always driven by weight reduction desires, but often in the absence of any considerations about the environmental conditions they need the tents or shelters to perform in, interior size, …

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