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Use of Analog and Digital Navigation Aids

Hiker Smartphone Navigation App and GPS Device Use Trends

Digital Smartphone Navigation Apps and GPS Devices have eclipsed the use of physical maps and magnetic compasses in terms of usability although their full scale adoption is still hindered by lingering battery life and network connectivity limitations. But how widespread is their use? We recently surveyed 543 hikers across of wide range of abilities, experience, and […]

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The Brunton TruArc10 is a baseplate style compass with a declination adjustment.

Brunton TruArc 10 Baseplate Compass Review

The Brunton TruArc 10 is a baseplate style compass with a declination adjustment that is best suited for use in forested or mountainous terrain where you can rarely see your destination. Featuring a global needle, you can also use the TruArc 10 compass interchangeably in the northern and southern hemispheres without having to buy a new compass, since most […]

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USGS Randolph Trails - 2015

The Digital Map Conundrum

Have you ever noticed how incomplete and out of date digital maps are when it comes to hiking trails? At least on the free USGS maps you can download on the web and that come bundled with GPS devices or Smartphone navigation apps. In my neck of the woods, you still need to use the waterproof […]

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Maplets The PDF Map App

Maplets – The Offline Map App with GPS

Maplets is an iPhone App ($2.99) and an Android App ($2.58) that lets you track your location using GPS on an offline map that you’ve downloaded to your phone or tablet. Once you purchase the app, you can download any map you want for free. Maplets redistributes 10,000 maps of city, state, and national parks, ski resorts, […]

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Wilderness Navigation and Route Planning

Wilderness Navigation and Route Planning

Wilderness navigation requires planning routes across terrain that doesn’t have pre-defined trails or roads to follow. While following a route using a map and compass, GPS, map-to-terrain association or just dead reckoning is required, those tools and techniques don’t provide you with the skills to plan good cross-country routes. Part art and part experience, learning how to plan […]

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