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The Exped Lightning 60 is a roll top backpack with an adjustable frame

The Exped Lightning 60 ($229) is a high-capacity, lightweight backpack, suitable for a wide range of adventures. Weighing just 41 ounces (2 pounds 9 ounces) and sporting an adjustable length frame, this minimalist backpack is capable of hauling 40+ pound loads while providing excellent load transfer to the hips. Numerous external attachments …

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Ursack Bear Bag Adoption Rate – Survey Results


The Ursack is a bear-proof bear bag made out of bulletproof Spectra fabric that is lighter weight than hard-sided bear canisters and requires no training to use, making it a convenient and more reliable alternative to hanging a bear bag from a high tree branch or bear cable. The Ursack S29.3 AllWhite Bear …

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Backpacking Pillow Preferences – Survey Results

Over 90% of backpackers use a pillow of some sort on backpacking trips.

What do inflatable sleeping pads, backcountry bed-style sleeping bags,  mini-LED lanterns, and two-door backpacking tents have in common? If you step back and look at product and technology innovation in the backpacking and camping industry, a lot of it has been focused on making the nighttime camping experience as comfortable …

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