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Backpacker Trekking Pole Preferences – Survey Results

Trekking Poles: Material Preference

Most backpackers use adjustable trekking poles to help relieve knee stress, improve walking stability, and increase their hiking speed. Though many consider them an essential piece of backpacking and day hiking gear, the choice of which pole to use is largely a function of price, rather than gear weight or design. …

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Backpacking Pillow Preferences – Survey Results

Over 90% of backpackers use a pillow of some sort on backpacking trips.

What do inflatable sleeping pads, backcountry bed-style sleeping bags,  mini-LED lanterns, and two-door backpacking tents have in common? If you step back and look at product and technology innovation in the backpacking and camping industry, a lot of it has been focused on making the nighttime camping experience as comfortable …

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Hiker Smartphone Navigation App and GPS Device Use Trends

Use of Analog and Digital Navigation Aids

Digital Smartphone Navigation Apps and GPS Devices have eclipsed the use of physical maps and magnetic compasses in terms of usability although their full scale adoption is still hindered by lingering battery life and network connectivity limitations. But how widespread is their use? We recently surveyed 543 hikers across of wide …

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