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Trekking Poles: Pros and Cons

Bending Forward Over Trekking Poles Wastes Energy

I’m a big fan of trekking poles for hiking because they help reduce the strain on my knees when I walk downhill, they improve my balance when I’m hiking over rough ground or crossing streams, and they are useful for establishing a good walking rhythm when synchronized with your arms. But …

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Do You Use Trekking Pole Straps?

The First Thing I do is Cut the Straps Off

Whenever I get a new pair of trekking poles, the first thing I do is to cut off the straps. I don’t like them. And while I use trekking poles religiously, I don’t like the feeling of having my hand trapped in a strap if I fall because it’s a …

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Product Idea: Wooden Trekking Poles

My house is littered with broken trekking poles. I don't really know how to dispose of them properly so they pile up in the trunk of my car and in my office. The carbon fiber ones are the worst. They snap with very little pressure when I get them caught …

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