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Carin on Giant Mountain with the high peaks in the background

Alpine Angles in the Adirondacks: Photos by Chris Lang

New York State’s Adirondack Mountains are home to 46 mountains that are over 4000 feet in elevation. People who frequent the area know these mountains as the 46 or the High Peaks and a person who has climbed all of them and registered with the ADK 46er organization is known as a 46er. I grew up […]

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Mt Washington and the Ravines

Winter’s End: Mount Moosilauke and the Wildcats

When my glasses froze over, I wasn’t sure whether I’d make it up the last 50 yards to the summit of Moosilauke. I could barely make out SG’s blue snowshoes in front of me and the wind was blowing so fiercely that I dared not take off my facemask or ski goggles due to frostbite […]

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Philip on Mt Lafayette, Franconia Ridge

Francona Ridge Loop: Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette in Winter

By the time you feel a hotspot, it’s often too late to do anything about it. That’s been my experience with hiking up steep mountains in winter. I knew we were just 300 feet below Franconia Ridge, so I said screw it, and kept on going.  I knew that the hot spot wouldn’t bother me once […]

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Snowshoers should stay off ski tracks

Snowshoes, Postholing, and Winter Trail Etiquette

It’s a common courtesy among winter hikers to wear snowshoes when hiking on winter trails that are covered in unpacked snow deeper than 8 inches. Hikers who don’t wear snowshoes usually posthole, plunging knee or waist deep into the snow and creating a deep hole that other hikers passing by the same spot might fall […]

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Trey on the Nineteen Mile Brook Trail

Stopped in Our Tracks on Wildcat Mountain

Trey and I attempted to climb Wildcat A, B, C, and D on Friday but we were stopped in our tracks by chest high snow drifts and such deep powder that we were postholing up to our waist, even though we were wearing snowshoes. Forward progress became so difficult that we were forced to ask […]

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