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Coral and Heather on the summit of North Moat Mountain

Climbing North Moat Mountain in Winter

My friend Lisa and I led a hike up North Moat Mountain(3196′) last weekend, a surprisingly strenuous 3000-footer located within spitting distance of Mt Washington. It’s a peak I’ve attempted to climb several times in the past as part of a full traverse of South Moat, Middle Moat, and North Moat, only to be turned around […]

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Frozen Beaver Pond

Bay Circuit Trail Section 2: Rowley to Boxford

After many fits and starts and dead-ends trying to hike Section 3 from south to north, I decided to turn things around and hike Section 2 from north to south because I hoped the blazing would be more “obvious” for a southbounder. This strategy helped immensely. in so small part because most of the trail […]

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MSR Revo Explore Snowshoes The new hyperlink binding only has two straps which close with a snowboard-style ratchet binding-1

MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe Review

The MSR Revo Explore Snowshoe is a recreational snowshoe that features the new Hyperlink ratchet binding system (also available on the MSR Lightning Explore Snowshoe) which is much easier and faster to put on than the four plastic strap binding used on MSR’s backcountry snowshoes, like the MSR Lightning Ascent. Like many of MSR’s other snowshoes, the Revo Explore has […]

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Mt Guyot (4580') I'll be headed back here to try and get a better view this time!

Winter Backpacking Gear List

I believe in creating a new gear list for every trip I take that takes into consideration the environmental conditions (weather, terrain, water, navigation, sunlight, etc) I’m likely to encounter. There was a time when I had one static gear list, but ever since I started hiking year round in a variety of different climates, […]

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How to start a winter fire.

Winter Survival Fire Lighting Skills – Why Don’t We Teach Them?

The latest issue of the Appalachia Journal arrived last night and I immediately turned to the Accidents Section to read the analysis of this autumn’s accident reports. Established in 1876, Appalachian is America’s longest running journal of mountaineering and conservation. Published quarterly, it’s known for its well written stories and essays, and its famous accident […]

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Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters – Long Term Review

When you’re hiking through snow, gaiters are an essential piece of gear because they help keep your socks dry. Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters are so-called because they’re built tough like the skin of the animal. Toughness is important, especially around the ankles when wearing crampons, which can slice up your gaiters and even wound your legs. Crocodile gaiters […]

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