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GoBe Portable Solar Panels and Battery

GoBe Portable Solar Panels

There is a new company called GoBe Solar that has started marketing a portable, solar powered battery for outdoor recreational use and emergency preparedness. When they contacted me to review a free sample, I was intrigued. I have been looking for a portable power reserve to support blogging, internet communications, and battery recharging from a weekend campsite. Having a solar powered solution is appealing because it is so mobile and environmentally sustainable.

GoBe Power Pack Battery

The Gobe Portable Solar Panel and Battery consists of a battery shaped like a bowling with a handle, and the solar array which cleverly folds up into a large briefcase.

GoBe Battery Pack Adapters

To recharge your devices, simply plug them into the USB, two-pronged plug, or DC 12 Volt/6.6 Amp outlets on the side of the battery pack. The battery holds enough energy to power a cordless phone for 30 hours, a cell phone for 36 hours or an LED light for 24 hours.

Solar Panel Briefcase

The Solar Panels are packaged in the form of a briefcase making them ultra-portable. They work even in cloudy weather and can recharge the battery in 10 hours. The battery can also be charged from a wall outlet.

I’m using my GoBe battery now for recharging camera, cell phone, and laptop batteries but my wife likes it as an emergency power source around the house. Originally developed to power schools and orphanages in Africa, it’s great to see a solar powered product that is packaged so simply come available on the consumer market.

Disclosure:  The manufacturer provided SectionHiker.com with a complementary product for this review.

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  1. What's it weigh? The shipping weight is 24 pounds! Not exactly ultralight…

  2. It's optimal for car camping but not something I'd ever carry anywhere.

  3. I've never seen a campground with an internet connection before. Nice!

  4. I use my blackberry as a dial-up modem. Works pretty well and lets me blog just about anywhere.

  5. Need a price details..