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Holiday Gifts Ideas: Hiking Club Memberships

Hiking Boots
Hiking Boots

Finding a good gift for a hiking friend or family member can be challenging if you’re not an expert gear hound or you don’t know their gear preferences.

Over the years, I’ve found that buying gift memberships for them in backpacking, hiking, or other outdoor organizations is a great way to recognize their passion and enthusiasm, and can introduce them to new communities or opportunities that they’ve never considered before. In addition, your gift membership helps sustain the stewardship activities of these organizations which benefits us all.

Here is a list of organizations that have broad appeal for and hikers and backpackers. I describe each one briefly and provide links to their home pages and membership forms.This list is by no means exhaustive, so make sure to search for other local hiking and outdoors organization in your area, as well.

  • The Adirondack Mountain Club is a nonprofit membership organization that protects wild lands and waters through a balanced approach of conservation and advocacy. environmental education, and responsible recreation. ADK’s mission is to represent all those who love wild places and to ensure that those places are protected and accessible for generations to come. Give an Adirondack Club Membership.

Written 2008, Revised 2012,2013,2014


  1. If you live in Washington State, WTA.org is the go-to organization :-) They help with a lot of the trail work done here. And they are ranked highly for how the money is spent/being a non-profit.

  2. I’m a let you finish, and these are fabulous organizations (I’m a member of at least 3), but since you’ve included regional organizations, I think 2 other New England groups deserve mention: The Randolph Mountain Club (RMC) and The Cohos Trail Association (TCTA).

    I need to go check out the North Country Trail Association, that looks like an awesome project.

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