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Enter to WIN a FREE Box of (9) Greenbelly Meal Bars!

Greenbelly Bars are a high calorie, super-convenient way to consume a lot of calories on hiking and backpacking trips. I eat a lot of them and they’re a good way to “slam down” a lot of nutritious calories without any food prep. Each packet contains two bars, with a crunchy rice-like texture that goes down well with water. They come in resealable packages, so you can eat a portion and seal up the rest to eat later.

I first tried Greenbelly bars when Chris (the owner and founder in the video above) came out with them a few years ago after his AT thru-hike and they’ve improved significantly since then in both flavor and texture.

The variety pack being raffled off here has three packs of the following three flavors in it:

  • 3 x Dark Chocolate/Banana
  • 3 x Cranberry Almond
  • 3 x Peanut Apricot

My favorite is the Cranberry Almond, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Win this raffle and find out for yourself!

To Enter

To enter this random raffle to win a Greenbelly Meal Bar Variety Pack (MRSP $59.99), answer the following question in a comment below.

Which of the following do you use to prevent mosquito bites when hiking or backpacking in summer? (you can use multiple methods.)

  • DEET insect repellent creams or lotions
  • Picardin insect repellent creams or lotions
  • Eucalyptus creams or lotions
  • Long pants/long sleeve shirts, etc.
  • Mud – we cover ourselves in mud
  • Nothing
  • Other – explain

Example responses

I wear Ben’s 100% DEET insect repellent lotion on all exposed skin not covered by clothing, That kills the little suckers!

No DEET on me. We use Picardin because it doesn’t melt our synthetic technical clothes like DEET.

I cover up with a hat, long sleeve shirt and long pants when I hike and use DEET on my hands and ears if the mozzies get bad.

We offer a orange sacrifice to the Goddess before each day hike, but we also use a eucalyptus lotion. They work together really well!

Deadline to Enter

The deadline to enter this raffle is Monday, August 1, 2016, at midnight EST.

  • All raffle entrants will have one chance to win.
  • A winner will be selected randomly from all valid entries.
  • Please keep everything rated G.
  • The prize winner can live anywhere that has postal service (including international.)
  • If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Leave a Comment to Enter

Which of the following do you use to prevent mosquito bites when hiking or backpacking in summer? (you can specify multiple methods.)

  • DEET insect repellent creams or lotions
  • Picardin insect repellent creams or lotions
  • Eucalyptus creams or lotions
  • Long pants/long sleeve shirts, etc.
  • Mud – we cover ourselves in mud
  • Nothing
  • Other – explain

Disclosure: Greenbelly donated the box of bars offered this raffle. This post contains affiliate links which help support this website. 


  1. Like many of the above, I use permethrin. All of my hiking clothes have been soaked in it to bond it to the cloth. Considering that long sleeves and cape style hats are part of this, it leaves only a bit of the face and the hands to have deet on them

  2. I have always used long pants / sleeves but, am using permethrin now on clothing, pack & bag.

  3. Theresa Johnstone

    Just finished a 22 day JMT So-No hike in which thousands, TENS of thousands of mosquitos were on a rampage most early eves and when the sun came up which really put a cramp in our dinners and breakfasts. They also appeared to like when we were treating water and couldn’t swat them away. We initially began using DEET repellent spray and when we ran out, we purchased Lemon/Eucalyptus spray at resupply. We loved the L/E sprays smell and it was fab at getting the little buggers to leave us alone –but only for a short while. We resorted back to DEET products but also continued to wear long sleeves and pants. Dual purpose for that- sun protection. My hubby used a head net as well. I stuck it out. :)) If I had nothing, I’d use mud for sure.

  4. At least 40% Deet in tandem with long sleeves and pants if its not too hot.

  5. Long sleeves and pants for the most part. Badger insect spay with citronella for exposed skin.

  6. I use long pants and thin long sleeve shirt with dryer sheets in pockets.

  7. I pre-treat all my gear with Sawyer Permethrin spray and then use DEET as needed on exposed skin or if the insects are ravenous enough to chew through the Sawyer. Except for a recent Boundary Waters trip (Black Flies!!!!), this seems to be adequate.

  8. We’re using Picardin insect spray and lotion

  9. I’ve always sworn by DEET but this year I experimented with Picaridin and IR3535. I tried the picaridin for a week at scout camp because DEET feels greasy and if you touch your lips it numbs them. I had many more bites this year despite it being dryer. [On short hikes before camp IR3535 didn’t do much for biting flies so I didn’t use it at camp.]

    Pretreat clothes with permethrin and us DEET.

  10. -Other: in my case singapore’s Tiger Balm does the trick. i just use a dab of it on my neck and wrists and it keeps the mozzies away while refreshing me.

    • Thanks for sharing. I have a small jar of this in the medicine cabinet that I know I chronically under use. I’ll give this a shot.

  11. I use Ben’s deets. It comes in a very small bottle so it’s compact as well. I’m a beginner hiker so not sure if I need to go with something better.

  12. I use a DEET mosquito spray. I also lay off the scented hair shampoo.

  13. Typically DEET, if necessary, but being one who does not love the heat, I typically find myself outdoors during cooler weather when mosquitoes are not as active.

  14. Usually Deet or nothing at all.

  15. 30% DEET lotion, sprays, or wipes. for exposed skin. Usually have long sleeves and pants treated with permethrin. Of course a wide brim hat with a bug net

  16. We use DEET in combination with long pants. For less buggy areas with minimal risks of Lyme disease, Lemon-Eucalyptus, but it is clearly only modestly effective!

  17. I use avon skin so soft with picaridin and never had a mosquito problem and we do most of are hiking in the cascades which is bug paradise.

  18. I spray most everything with permethrin and a small amount of Off on my skin.

  19. I am currently hiking the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin and I use have been using Wondercide’s new Insect Repellent product – made with Cedar & Lemongrass
    Essential Oils – I have gotten some bites but like that there are no chemicals.

  20. I haven’t needed mosquito protection yet where I hike, but I have been working on coming up with a strategy for when I need it.

    My wife and I wear nylon pants too thick for them to bite through. I got ExOfficio long sleeve tops with permethrin. I’m planning on using Sea to Summit head nets over our hats. The last exposed part is our hands, which I am planning on using DEET for.

  21. I use Off Spray with deet but am considering treating all of my hiking clothing with permethrin.

  22. We use an Eucalyptus spray (Repel) on our skin and usually treat our clothes and gear with a permethrin spray (sawyer).

  23. Deet with long pants and long sleeve shirt, bug hat if needed

  24. DEET or permethrin. Long sleeves and legs! And when the bugs are too much – retreat into the tent!

  25. I wear long pants and long-sleeved shirt that I’ve treated with Permethrin. I use picaridin lotion on exposed skin. Afterbite for any insect bites.

  26. I wear long pants and long sleeve shirts in the evenings when the bugs are biting the most. What I have found as a “safe” repellent is bathing with tea tree oil soap and shampoo. The smell is pleasant to people but not to those nasty pests. I also wash my clothes with the soap when I am backpacking. It works for me..

  27. My first choice of bug repellent is Deep Woods Off. When I don’t feel like having deet all over me I use Repel Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. I usually wear shorts and short sleeves when hiking in bug weather and I treat my clothing with Permethrin.

  28. I use long pants, long sleeved shirt and my buff over my head and ears. No deet for me. Don’t want to absorb chemicals which can affect my liver.

  29. I use Deet. Usually Ben’s. This year has been so dry in Michigan, it’s been the best skeeter year in recent memory.

  30. Deet, plus long sleeves/pants. I’ve tried other things — I’d much rather use something more natural — but for me, only Deet really works. I try to apply it to clothing, rather than directly to the skin. Chiggers are much more of a problem than mosquitos here.

  31. I have a push-pop style solid DEET stick that works great. I’d be interested in finding a similar push-pop stick of OLE/PMD since it’s apparently an equivalent alternative for DEET according to the CDC. I also use long sleeves and pants as well.

  32. For store bought products I like Repel Lemon Eucalyptus spray and Badger Citronella balm. The combo seems to work well. I also sometimes make my own spray using neem oil and other essential oils.

  33. We ran into a family on the NCT who swore by Purell to keep the black flies away. It wasn’t 100% (is anything?!), but I was able to ditch the long sleeves and not get eaten alive!

  34. I have a bug shirt that is embedded with Permethrin. I go long pants and cover my head with a Buff so I can’t hear them. When desperate I put on my rain gear which they can’t penetrate.

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