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Packit Gourmet Sponsorship for the TGO Challenge

Packit Gourmet Backpacking Meals

I'm very happy to announce that the trail food company, Packit Gourmet, will be sponsoring my TGO Challenge hike this May, 2010, by providing me with their delicious trail meals for my trip. This is a small family business run by a mother and daughter that won an Editor's Choice award in Backpacker Magazine in 2009, and had multiple trail meals praised in the magazine's 2010 Gear Guide.

Packit Gourmet caters to foodies who like to eat well when they're enjoying the outdoors. In addition to providing excellent pre-packaged meal kits, they also have an online camp grocery that provides people who like to make their own meals with freeze dried meats and veggies, shelf stable meet and cheese, and single package condiments that will let you cook up a storm!

Personally, I'm not that big on backcountry cooking, so I'm going to provision my trip with Packit Gourmet's no-cook trail meals which just need boiling water to make. I have a few favorites already, like their famous chicken salad, ramen rescue, and tuscan beef stew. These are all incredibly tasty and pack the calories and nutrients necessary to keep me happy when hiking high mileage days.

In addition to pre-packaged trail meals, Packit Gourmet will be supplying me with items from their camp grocery such as Nido Whole Powder  Milk, coconut cream powder, healthy instant curry, and freeze dried chicken and cheese. It's really convenient to be able to order everything I need to keep my meals interesting and lightweight from one place.

"We've been interested since we opened in providing sponsorship opportunities to our customers", says co-founder Sarah Welton,  "but are just now in a position to go down that road by sponsoring two to four exceptional adventures per year.  Philip was an early customer of Packit Gourmet and we were happy to "meet" him and know more about him through his online blog "Section Hiker." We like his style and were impressed by the amount of detail he offers to fellow hikers / campers through his blog posts.  When he approached us about the possibility of sponsoring his involvement in the TGO Challenge, we immediately wanted to join him,  vicariously of course, by keeping him well fed and full of energy as he hikes across the beautiful Scottish countryside.  We'll be cheering him on from here in Austin's Texas Hill Country and wishing all the while we could be there to congratulate him in person when his Scottish Highland adventure comes to a successful close!  Good walkin' to ya Philip!"

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  1. They make delicious stuff, I just wish it was more calorically dense.

  2. I will be augmenting with cider and ale. :-)

  3. that is awesome el! let me know if you find any particularly tasty veggie options.

  4. Ken Knight knight

    I've used some of their food too and liked it. The meals are good and if you're willing to put in the effort things like the scones are nice too. I also like to bulk food selection in the store. The cheeses and sayssages make great extras for lunch or snacks.

  5. Over the winter, my diet moved more to nuts and sausage, but I probably need to dial back fats and get back to more carbs. The problem (or benefit) is that fatty foots are so much more weight efficient.

  6. I bought a couple of their meals and look forward to eating them, just a caution, suggestion, try preparing them at home first to see what you need to bring, from reading the directions on one of the packages I will need two pots instead of one…

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