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Lyme Disease Scare

Whew! I thought I had contracted Lyme Disease earlier this week. I had some of the major symptoms and went in for a blood test at the doctor's on Monday. Just got the results back and they were negative, but I was scared. Real scared. I had a rash on …

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Ex Officio Amphi Convertible Pant

When I’m backpacking, I usually hike 9+ hours a day with a 25 lb pack, pretty much non-stop, and it’s not unusual for me to complete a half-marathon of mileage per day. So, when I’m shopping of new hiking pants, I looking for pants that are comfortable even when I’m …

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My Long Trail Black Fly Defense Strategy


Black flies are prevalent on the Long Trail in Vermont from spring through mid-summer. I’m going to be backpacking then and I’ve been devising some strategies to reduce the annoyance and health risk they pose. My first line of defense is gong to be clothing. Although I hate hiking in …

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