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  1. Glaswegian
    April 12, 2012

    I was thinking about getting the 45 litre pack but on reading your review I’ll give it a miss, it shows promise but I think I’ll wait for the Mk II version. The hipbelt is too insubstantial, the munchkin sized hip pockets look pointless and once you start adding the optional extras it’s not really that lightweight for a cuben pack anymore. The different sized side pockets are bizarre, it’s a pity they hadn’t copied the side pockets on the Osprey Hornet 46 as I think they work really well. I guess I’ll be buying a HMG Windrider instead.

    • Earlylite
      April 12, 2012

      I think it’s a mistake to regard this as a cuben pack, especially since most of the surface area is – near as I can tell 500d 1/4 inch Dyneema Grid / Cordura. Bomber, but overkill for a lightweight pack where 210 or 140 d Dyneema would provide the same effective level of abrasion resistance.

      • Glaswegian
        April 13, 2012

        That’s true, I was expecting it to be mainly cuben fibre with some lightweight Dyneema so the use of so much 500d fabric is a little strange. I have an OMM Villain which I’m guessing as using 210d Dyneema and it’s very rugged so the 500d is overkill like you say. I’ve happily owned a number of Terra Nova items so I’m sure the next version will be more evolved and dialed in.

  2. Aaron
    April 14, 2012

    Great review. That’s really an interesting combination of fabric choices. I’ve never had any durability problems with the 210d Dyneema fabric, and it’s interesting that they’ve chosen to use an even heavier grid here and then paired it with cuben and silnylon. It would seem as though modeling the hipbelt in the same fashion as the shoulder straps may have improved the overall comfort and usability of the pack. However, when in minimal mode 17oz for 55L is pretty impressive if you need that much space and were able to make the comfort factor work.

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