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Boardwalk at Griffith Lake
Boardwalk at Griffith Lake

I am a Long Trail Mentor for the Green Mountain Club and am happy to give you advice about how to hike the Long Trail or what to expect. Thru-hiking or section hiking the Long Trail is a life-changing experience.

Overview and How To

My Long Trail Journal

  1. Long Trail Southern Terminus to Rt 9. Northbound: October 11-12, 2008. Solo.
  2. Rt 9 to Rt 11/30. Northbound:  May 23-26, 2008, NY/NJ AMC Trip.
  3. Clarendon Gorge to Rt. 11/30. Southbound, June 6-7, 2008, Solo.
  4. Clarendon Gorge to Middlebury Gap: Northbound, June 26-29, 2008, Solo.
  5. Middlebury Gap to Appalachian Gap: Northbound, July 18-20, 2008, Solo.
  6. Jonesville to Appalachian Gap: Southbound, August 1-2, 2008, Solo.
  7. Jonesville to Johnson, Northbound, August 22-24, 2008, Solo.
  8. Journey’s End to Johnson: Southbound: September 11-14, 2008, Solo.

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  1. There is a group of young men 15-18 that want to do the long trail as memorium of there friendships before the split up and go their separate ways. They are basically novices. Can you recommend a five day hike for them ?

  2. Hi,

    I’m David Horgans daughter. He says he paddles with you and is part of the MVP group too. I was wondering if you could suggest a 5-6 day hike on the Long Trail. I haven’t hiked in awhile so my body is not conditioned but I’m am pretty fit and healthy.


  3. Can u suggest a day hike around wait shield od Stowe ? Like 4 hours

  4. My friend recently died on the LT, near the Peru Shelter. Do you have any info on where he was found? Thanks

  5. Want to hike the LT (2017) while simultaneously enjoying the fall foilage. What would be the best (estimated) departure date and would a SB vs. NB have any advantages/disadvantages. Thanks in advice you might have on the subject.


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