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AMC Ponkapoag Cabins

AMC Ponkapoag  Camp

My wife and I took an early spring hike last year in the Blue Hills Reservation, a large nature preserve just 15 minutes south of Boston. Quite unexpectedly, we came across 20 cabins spread along the banks of the 230-acre Ponkapoag Pond. It turns out that the Appalachian Mountain Club rents these out to families and groups at a very modest weekly or weekend rate. 

The cabins are open year round and ideal for family adventures close to the city. Rental rates are surprisingly low during summer at $140-$200/week, and $40-$60 dollars per weekend during the off-season.

The facilities are primitive but are a spectacular overnight destination for children and an incredibly convenient one for harried parents. I find it incredible that such a hidden treasure exists just minutes from downtown Boston.

The accommodations include:

  • 20 cabins (sleep four to six).
  • Bunks with mattresses (bring sleeping bag).
  • Wood stove (bring firewood).
  • No electricity.
  • No running water off-season.
  • Outhouses.
  • Limited tentsites in summer.
  • Activities: Hiking, paddling, swimming, skiing, camping.

Ponkapaog Cabins

Reservations are taken by mail only. For more information call, contact Paul and Trisha Minton (caretakers) at 781-961-7007, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., or write Trisha Minton, AMC Ponkapoag Camp, P.O. Box 582, Randolph, MA 02368.


  1. I never knew about those cabins when I lived down there. But I always loved walking around that area as well as the Boston Arboretum.

    • FYI– do not bring firewood from outside of the Blue Hills Reservation; this is to avoid alien insect infestation. Firewood may be gathered onsite year round, or purchased on site.

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