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Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter

Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter

The Aquamira Frontier Pro water filter is an exceptionally lightweight 2 oz. alternative to the more bulky water filters and water purifiers available on the market today.

The Frontier Pro connects to platypus bladders or plastic bottles. To get water, you suck on a nipple, shown in black in the picture below. There is a built-in cap that stretches over the nipple and keeps the mouthpiece clean of debris, something that’s missing on other filters like the Sawyer Mini or Sawyer Point One. You can also invert a reservoir and the Frontier Pro filter, and use gravity to pull water through the system.

The Frontier Pro uses a two-stage filtration system. A pre-filter removes larger particles before the water flows into the main compartment where an activated carbon filter removes 99.9% of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and other beasties down to 3 microns in size. This is not sufficient for virus protection, so if this is a concern you should pre-treat with chlorine dioxide tablets or drops like Aquamira for at least 15 minutes beforehand and even longer in cold or turbulent water.

The Frontier Pro has a built in pre-filter, which preserves the filter element by removing particulates.
The Frontier Pro has a built in pre-filter, which preserves the filter element by removing particulates.

The Frontier Pro uses a porous plastic filter that looks like a cotton ball as its pre-filter. You insert it between the filter and the bottle adapter as shown above. The Frontier Pro comes with 5 pre-filters and they are not sold separately. However, resupply should not be an issue because the Frontier Pro’s activated carbon filter only has a 50 gallon (200 L) lifespan. That’s a little short of one month for me, at about 5-6 L/day.

Given that product lifespan, the Frontier Pro is best used as an emergency filter on day hikes if you run out of water, much like you’d use a Lifestraw, only that the Frontier Pro’s bottle compatibility makes it much more convenient and easier to use.

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