Philip Werner

Philip Werner quit his corporate job in 2010 to become a full-time hiker, guide, and outdoor writer. Since then he's hiked over nine thousand miles, become an adept fly fisherman, XC skier, and written over 3000 backpacking and hiking articles for

10 Best Ultralight Pyramid Backpacking Tarps of 2024

10 Best Ultralight Pyramid Backpackng Tarps

Pyramid tarps often called “mids”, short for pyramids, are available in multiple forms ranging from one-person ultralight monopole tarps to multi-person winter tipis, complete with inner tents, stove jacks, and wood stoves. Despite their differences, all pyramid shelters share a few common …

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10 Best Kids Backpacking Packs for 2024

10 Best Backpacks for Kids

Buying a kid’s backpack is very different from buying an adult backpack because kids have smaller physical proportions. They also grow very quickly so you want to make sure that you purchase a backpack that can be adjusted over time. In addition …

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10 Best Ultralight Frameless Backpacks of 2024

10 Best Ultralight Frameless Backpacks

As ultralight backpacking gear has gotten lighter weight, so have ultralight backpacks. So much so, that many thru-hikers, section-hikers, and long-distance backpackers are turning to frameless ultralight backpacks for their adventures. Designed for loads of 20-25 pounds or less (including food, water, …

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