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Philip Werner quit his corporate job in 2010 to become a full time hiker, guide, and outdoor writer. Since then he's hiked a couple of thousand miles, become an adept fly fisherman and written over 2000 articles for SectionHiker.com, and had stories published by Backpacker Magazine and Stackpole Books.

Dyneema Ultralight Backpacking Gift Guide

Dyneema Ultralight Backpacking Gift Guide

You don’t have to be an ultralight backpacker to appreciate how much Dyneema (formerly called cuben fiber) has revolutionized backpacking gear, halving the weight of many items, and making backpacking much more pleasurable in the process.  In addition to being lightweight, Dyneema is quite strong and waterproof, making it an …

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10 Best Winter Hiking Boots of 2019-2020

10 Best Winter Hiking Boots

Winter hiking boots have evolved tremendously over the past 10 years and are now lighter weight and more comfortable than ever before. Gone are the days when you needed to choose between military surplus boots, plastic mountaineering boots, or heavy pac boots to keep your feet warm. Today’s winter boots …

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10 Best Sleeping Bags for Women in 2019-2020

10 Best Women’s Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are still the most popular nighttime insulation option with female backpackers because they’re warmer in cold, damp, or drafty weather, especially below freezing. While mummy sleeping bag designs still prevail, there’s a lot more variety in the types of sleeping bags that have become available in the past …

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Hiking a Carter Ledge/Middle Sister Loop

View from Middle Sister Mountain

The Carter Ledge Trail is considered one of the scariest trails in the White Mountains because it requires scrambling across an open ledge above a cliff. Carter Ledge is also on the Terrifying 25 List, which is a popular list of sketchy and yes, terrifying hiking trails in the White …

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50 Best Backpacking Gifts for Less that $50

50 Best Backpacking Gifts Under $50

It can be difficult to pick good backpacking gifts if you’re not an expert backpacker or hiker. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of great backpacking gifts under $50 to help you get your backpacking friends gear that they’ll appreciate. If you want to spend more, we suggest giving …

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10 Best Four Season Tents of 2019-2020

10 Best Four Season Tents Gear Guide

Four-season tents for mountaineering, winter backpacking, and backcountry skiing tours need to be a good deal stronger than regular three season tents if you are camping in exposed windy terrain that is subject to heavy snow loads. The strongest and most wind-resistant tents are wedge or dome-shaped and freestanding, so …

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Deuter Trail Pro 36 Backpack Review

Deuter Trail Pro 36 Backpack

The Deuter Trail Pro 36 is a great mid-sized backpack that’s good for technical hikes where you need to carry extra gear, hut-to-hut trips, and even overnight backpacking. It has a lightweight spring steel frame capable of hauling 30-pound loads, a sewn-on top lid, and front panel access through a …

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10 Best Snowshoes for Winter Hiking in 2019-2020

10 Best Snowshoes for Winter Hiking

For serious winter snowshoeing over hiking trails and in the backcountry, you want a winter hiking snowshoe that is durable, with aggressive crampons for traction and a secure binding system that locks your boots to the snowshoes. If you’re interested in getting off the grid and snowshoeing through steep terrain …

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10 Best Winter Backpacking Packs of 2019-2020

10 Best Winter Backpacking Backpacks

Winter backpacking backpacks are more specialized than regular three-season backpacks, with a stronger emphasis on heavier weight loads, external attachment points, and durability for carrying bulky gear with sharp points like snowshoes, skis, ice axes, and crampons. They also favor more pockets and the ability to access and put away …

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