Philip Werner

Philip Werner quit his corporate job in 2010 to become a full-time hiker, guide, and outdoor writer. Since then he's hiked over five thousand miles, become an adept fly fisherman, XC skier, and written over 2500 backpacking and hiking articles for

Do Sock Liners Prevent Hiking Blisters?

Do Sock Liners Prevent Blisters?

Sock liners prevent blisters in two ways: they wick foot perspiration away from your feet which can lead to increased friction and they help prevent ill-fitting boots from rubbing your skin and causing a hotspot. Sock liners are a common blister prevention technique among people who wear hiking boots and …

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SB Sox Compression Socks Review

SB Sox Compression Sox Review

Compression socks can help reduce swelling and improve blood circulation in your feet and lower legs if you’re recovering from a sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, which many hikers experience at some stage in their hiking “career”. I’ve used them to relieve the pain and symptoms of all …

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