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NEMO Forte 35 Synthetic Sleeping Bag Review

NEMO Forte 35 Sleeping Bag Review

The NEMO Forte 35 is an affordable, lightweight, Primaloft synthetic-fill sleeping bag with a “spoon” shape for people who don’t like the draftiness of a quilt nor the confined feeling of a mummy bag. The NEMO Forte has lots of unique features and interesting design elements. Ultimately, we believe the …

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NEMO Firefly 2 Tent Review

Nemo Firefly Tent Review

The NEMO Firefly is a lightweight 2-person tent with a robust floor and ultralight mesh and fly. It’s easy to set up, and has great headroom, excellent ventilation even with the doors closed, and lots of smart design features that enhance its livability. While it is similar to the NEMO …

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Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite Sleeping Pad Review

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite Air Mattress Review

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir UberLite Sleeping Pad is an updated version of the original stem-valve NeoAir UberLite pad, featuring Therm-a-Rest’s new Winglock Valve, which can be used as a one-way (non-leaking) valve during inflation and a two-way valve during deflation. The NeoAir UberLite is the lightest and most compact pad Therm-a-Rest …

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Sierra Designs High Route FL 1 Tent Review

Sierra Designs High Route FL 1 Tent Review

The Sierra Designs High Route FL 1 is a 28 oz double-wall trekking pole tent designed for people who want the full coverage and headroom of a two-peak pyramid, the ability to pitch fly-first in a storm, and the flexibility of a modular shelter system. It’s ready to use straight …

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Kammok Mantis Winter Barrier Review

Kammok Hammock Winter Sock Review

The Kammok Hammock Winter Barrier, an accessory for Kammok’s Mantis and Mantis UL modular hammock systems, is a solid fabric replacement for the zip-off bugnet to be used for increased warmth and weather resistance in cold-weather hammocking. A winter barrier or cover can add a noticeable amount of warmth to …

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Kammok UL Camp Kit Review

Kammok’s Ultralight Camp Kit is a minimalist backpacking hammock setup that includes the: Roo Single UL Hammock, The Kuhli UL tarp, and the Python 10 UL Hammock Suspension Straps. These three elements are also sold separately. Hammockers who are sleeping anywhere below 75*F will also need to add top and …

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Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt Review

The Kammok Firebelly Trail Quilt is a 30*F rectangular quilt that can be used as a comforter, a top quilt, or a full-length hammock underquilt. While it’s optimized for use with Kammok’s hammocks, it’s general-purpose enough it can be used with hammocks from other manufacturers or solely for ground use …

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