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Backpacking Gear Navigators: New on SectionHiker

The Gear Navigator for "Lightweight Backpacks" lists over 55 backpacks weighing 3 pounds or less.
The Gear Navigator for “Lightweight Backpacks” lists over 55 backpacks weighing 3 pounds or less.

I’ve introduced an image-based navigation feature on SectionHiker, called Gear Navigators, that’s designed to save you a lot of time searching for products, their weights, and features. These Gear Navigators are optimized for desktops and mobile devices, where you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching in Google or clicking through web pages.

The first two Gear Navigators available are for:

With more Gear Navigators in the pipeline!

Each Gear Navigator lists images of all of the products available today in a category (including large and small gear makers), so you can see all of at once and hyperlink directly to them.

Gear Navigator on a mobile device
Gear Navigator on a mobile device

When you move your mouse or you finger over a product’s picture, its name will appear on your device in a small popup. Click on the picture and you’ll be linked to the manufacturer’s product page with the latest specs and price information.

Lightweight Tent Gear Navigator on SectionHker.com
Lightweight Tent Gear Navigator on SectionHker.com

All of these image-based gear navigators are listed under the Gear Navigator Menu item on the SectionHiker.com home page and on the pull-down menu on mobile devices.

Check’em out!


  1. Philip – you amaze me. This is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

  2. This is so useful! And it’s really fast on my phone – fantastic!

    Having all of the ultralight and lightweight backpacks listed in one place is great. I really appreciate you putting this page up.

    How about doing stoves next? Pretty please?

  3. Very nice resource! Appreciate the work and effort involved.

    • Thanks – it’s been a fun project and also very useful for me too since I often work on a mobile device these days. Having to browse through multiple store catalogs on a phone is painful! This is much easier.

  4. Can you put the carrying capacity on each backpack when I mouse over it? If it was just me I care less about the name and more about how much it can hold.

    Some packs are nicely names and tell you but some aren’t.

  5. Very cool. Congrats! It looks like the White Mtn section on the top bar has been replaced. Any chance you could create another way to access that content? It was super helpful to have URLs to all the weather sites, trip report sites, hiking groups, etc. in one place. Even just one post that people could bookmark would be awesome. Plus, looking at those old trip reports was my main way of browsing old content (since the Whites are where I hike). How am I supposed to procrastinate at work now? ;-)

  6. FYI – The “mouse-over” function did not work on my Windows 7 / Internet Explorer but when I switched to the Google Chrome browser, it worked perfectly.
    Thanks; very handy feature.

  7. This is great! I’m impressed, this gives people an easy overview of very popular and highly regarded items to do a comparison between.

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