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BoneFire Gear Insulated Hammocks

The BoneFire Gear Whisper Hammock is a 120" x 58 gathered-end, double layer hammock with built-in insulation.
The BoneFire Gear Whisper Hammock is a 120″ x 58 gathered-end, double layer hammock with built-in insulation.

If you’ve ever been cold at night in a hammock or tried using an underquilt and still been cold, you’ll be interested in a new hammock manufacturer named BoneFire Gear. Founded in 2014 by Jeremy Puskas, BoneFire Gear makes hammocks that have built-in down or synthetic insulation sewn to the bottom, eliminating all of fiddling and experimentation required to rig an underquilt suspension system.

An 8th-grade science teacher by day, Jeremy started BoneFire Gear because all of his friends kept asking him to sew insulated hammocks for them using his unique design. “I went to a lot of group hangs.” said Jeremy, “to see how people lie in a hammock and most orient themselves diagonally to get the flattest surface. That’s why all of our hammocks have diagonal baffles to hold insulation, so the insulation stays underneath you and eliminates cold spots.”

All of BoneFire Gear’s hammocks are double hammocks, so you can add a pad to them if you want to use them at a lower temperature. Available with waterproof goose down or synthetic Climashield Apex, BoneFire makes a 30 degree and a 40-degree hammock that is sure to suit your needs.

The baffles on BoneFires Hammocks are oriented diagonally to insulate the way people lie in hammocks
The baffles on BoneFire’s Hammocks are oriented diagonally to insulate the way people lie in hammocks

The combined weight of each insulated hammock is less than a separate hammock and quilt combination since the BoneFire “underquilt” shares the same fabric as the bottom of the hammock. “It’s like getting a full underquilt for the weight of a half or 3/4 underquilt because there’s one less fabric layer to hold the insulation in place,” says Jeremy.  Pitching the hammock is also a lot easier because you suspend the entire system from tree straps without having to fiddle with a separate underquilt suspension.

Made in the USA, all of BoneFire Gear’s hammocks are assembled in Jeremy’s garage. A -10 degree model is currently under development for winter camping and should be commercially available soon.

For more information, contact BoneFire Gear.

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  1. Great idea.
    This arrangement makes sense for gathered end hammocks in the Northern regions since you would typically want some type of UQ year round. Not sure if that is true down south.
    I know you don’t have much fiddle factor with bridge hammocks but those are a very low percentage of the market.

    • Imagine a simple mod, like velcro-ed mini-quilts that would let you add or remove insulation to raise and lower the temperature rating.

      • I just stack an underquilt with it and that works great. I’ve had my 30 degree down to -22 this way. I stacked my 0 degree underneath it and was still toasty.

  2. I live near Nashville and I have one. A few weeks back I had it out at Frozen Head mountain state park. Temps dipped into the 20s with a stiff breeze all night. I didn’t care for the pad and I was happy to be warm all night on my back. I think the secret sauce is how there are no gaps under you, just insulation. He also has a one line suspension. I put one strap on the tree and at the buckle I have a line for the tarp and one for the hammock. Super easy to dial in. With a 12′ cuben tarp and his hammock my pack is the lightest it’s ever been.

    • I think its a fantastic idea for its effectiveness, not just simplicity.

    • I have one too and feel the same. This is the easiest hammock to string up. I had no fiddle factor at all. I also the best night’s sleep I have had since I was in my 20’s. Temp was not that brutal on my first hang-but we had 40mph wind gusts with a constant wind speed from 28-35mph. I didn’t use a winter tarp with doors and was perfectly warm without the normal “breeze” one can feel zapping the UQ in conditions like that.

      It is so light and so simple.

  3. I live in East Tennessee, not far from Frozen Head State Park. And I’m always out backpacking either locally or on the AT. I just ordered a Bonefire Whisper hammock in a camo version. I got to take a close look at the Whisper hammock back during the fall and I was completely amazed with the detail and craftsmanship of his hammock. In some cases Jeremy is also able to customize the hammocks to the customers request.

  4. My solution was to simply order a wider underquilt. I’ve never understood why UQs are only 40″ wide; this prevents diagonal sleeping or forces you into cold spots. Mine’s 62″ wide and wraps up around me, keeping me toasty all night.

  5. Great idea but I like the idea of picking and choosing among the different UG’s I have depending on conditions. Would be a great choice for someone who anticipates a certain temperature range.

  6. Best damn hammock I’ve owned. Jeremy crafted up a left lay Whisper for me and i’m glad I made the decision. I’ve had quite a few hammocks, multiple types of quilts, and pads. Nothing beats this for me. Simple, no more cold spots, and light. With my Igneous Socks to match, I’m set!