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Brasslite Alcohol Stove

Brasslite Turbo 1D Alcohol Stove

There are a plethora of alcohol stove designs available today for backpackers. However, one of my all-time favorites remains the Brasslite Stove (1.4 oz.) which is completely self-contained (except for a windscreen) and includes a built-in simmer control, base plate, and pot holder.

I have also found that the Brasslite is easier to light in colder weather than any of the other alcohol stoves I own, which I attribute to the stove’s brass construction and all-in-one design.

One of the most important properties of an alcohol stove is its thermal conductivity. In order to produce heat, an alcohol stove needs to vaporize its fuel by boiling it and turning it from a liquid into a gaseous form. The thermal conductivity of the complete stove system influences how much energy is required to vaporize the liquid fuel and stoves it stands to reason that stoves with multiple components are less thermally conductive than ones that are fully integrated like the Brasslite.

The Brasslite holds 1 oz. of fuel and will burn for 10 minutes. Denatured alcohol or HEET (pure methanol) are its recommended fuels. It can be purchased online at

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  1. You are incorrect. The Brasslite models do not incorporate a wind screen into their design. The windscreen is a separate item. Also, 10 minutes burning time for one ounce of denatured alcohol is a very poor showing. My homemade cat can chimney stoves (same configuration as the Brasslites) routinely achieve a 14 minute burn, without damping the air inlets. If I dampen the intakes, they will burn for 30 minutes on one ounce.

  2. ok – technically it is not a "wind screen", but a simmer control. I've edited the post to reflect this. I still like my Brasslite despite that fact that yours is "better".

  3. Not better, just much less expensive and more efficient. By the way, I own two Brasslite stoves.

  4. I'm glad you said that. Those brasslites are probably going to be collectors' items someday. :-)

  5. Just tried to order one of these brasslites. Guy never shipped the order for 2 weeks, when he inquired advised I wait or he can cancel my order. When I him know that was bad service, he canceled my order, then literally told me to take a hike. Horrible company.

  6. Where can I purchase one of these?

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