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Brunton LampLight LED Flashlight and Lantern

Over the past year, I’ve replaced all of my old mini-flashlights with LED lights that weigh under 1 oz. Some of these come with little clips that attach to the bill of your hat, but after the sun sets I find it very hard to read with them in my tent and end up biting on them in order to plan my route for the next day or write in my journal. Sub-optimal.

Brunton has changed all that with the introduction the Lamplight, a very lightweight LED-based flashlight  and convertible lantern that only weights 2.9 oz. including a lanyard and 3AAA batteries. In order to go from flashlight mode to lantern mode, you simply pull the blue plastic top up and light is reflected 360 degrees to light up your tent or facilitate late night bull sessions with your hiking buddies. And get this: the 3 batteries will run for 200 hours. Really nice.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and purchased it using their own funds.


  1. I have an AIT NightStar RS flashlight, weighing in at 5.5 ounces. I bought this flashlight about a year ago, because I don't like headlamps -they annoy me- and was tired of having to worry about batteries. Even though it's a bit heavier than the Brunto LampLigh, it is a great flashlight for finding things at night, but to use it as a lantern you must use the "water bottle lantern" technique. This is less of an issue for me, since I tend to set camp, cook, eat, and clean dishes before dark, allowing for a peaceful time to enjoy reading and writing just before night (..pssst, "lights out!") time.

  2. Frolicking She-Dino

    Hope they come up with a version of this product with a tilting cap clip for night hiking

  3. I think the 200 hours is overkill, most people will waste more battery life in storage than in use. Make it smaller or brighter.

  4. I bought this item and it has been so worth while. It’s small compact and puts out a good amount of light. You can use it as a flashlight or a lamp. I personally use mine for doing the coke rewards. You have to read the letters inside the caps to enter them on the coke rewards site.. well they are hard to see, but this light I discovered is the perfect size so I put the shade on it down all the way and sit the cap right on top of it, and the code is perfectly readable then. I have found this to be a durable light, for multiple purposes, and dependable. The batteries seem to last forever. I love it and couldn’t be more satisfied with this purchase.

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