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Backpacking Food

Elete Electrolyte Drops Review

Elete Electrolyte Replacement Dops are tasteless and odorless and won't much up hydration bladders like sweet electrolyte powders

If you’re tired of drinking sickeningly sweet electrolyte replacement powders or mucking up your hydration pack with flavored electrolyte mixes, you need to try Elete Electrolyte Drops. Made from natural salt water from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, they’re tasteless and odor free. They don’t contain any sugars or flavoring, and have …

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PROBAR Backpacking Meal Bars

PROBAR Meal Bars - I like them so much I buy them by the box

PROBARS are excellent tasting and nutrition-packed way to snack on hiking and backpacking trips. I’ve been eating them for years and they’re a staple in my food bag. Made with 100% organic, certified NON-GMO ingredients like whole grains, nuts, and dried fruit, PROBARS are the way to go if you like …

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