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Backpacks and Packing

The History of Ventilated Backpack Frames

A Deuter AirComfort Ventilated Backpack Frame

When internal frame backpacks were first developed in 1967 by Greg Lowe (who later founded Lowe Alpine and LowePro), they were designed to be more formfitting than external frame packs, bringing the load closer to the wearer’s hips, and making it easier to scramble or go off trail. However, it …

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Reframing Internal Frame Backpacks

Granite Gear Crown VC (available next year)

I review a lot of backpacks on Section Hiker because I am genuinely interested in understanding what makes some backpacks good and others great. Since I’m into lightweight backpacking, I spend most of my time reviewing ultralight and lightweight packs that weigh between 1 pounds and 3 pounds and are …

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What is an External Frame Backpack?

What is an External Frame Backpack? The suspension system on an external frame pack is a rigid aluminum frame. This is good for carrying very heavy loads because it’s rigid and ensures excellent load transfer to the hip belt if fitted properly. Externals frames are also have a lots of …

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How to Test a Backpack

Osprey Kestrel Backpack

I've been testing and reviewing a lot of backpacks this winter, mainly from Osprey. Although I personally use 3 season backpacks that weigh half or even a third of what these mainstream backpacks weigh, I decided that I needed to understand how they're designed and why people buy them if …

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Why are Stuff Sacks Round?

I am completely serious about this. Why are stuff sacks round instead of block shaped? For example, most of the backpacks I own have one large compartment that is rectangular in shape. Given this, wouldn’t it be more efficient to pack them using stuff sacks that were rectangular in shape …

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