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Toe Nail Fungus: Treatment and Prevention

Toe Nail Fungus (Wikipedia)

Toe nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is surprisingly common among long distance hikers and an estimated 10% of the US population suffers from this condition (source: Johns Hopkins Health Information Library.) If your toenails are yellow, brittle, or unusually thick, you may be have a case of toe nail …

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Hiker’s Jock Itch: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Great Balls of Fire!

If you’re experiencing a persistent chafing sensation in your groin that won’t go away, you may have jock itch (tinea crusis) a fungal infection  similar to athlete’s foot, common to hikers and backpackers (both male and female) that causes persistent itching, burning, cracking, and scaling of skin in the genital area. Backpackers …

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Hiking and Lyme Disease: Revised estimates from the CDC indicate US infection rate is 10 times more prevalent than previously reported

Outdoor Research BugOut Gaiters

Hikers and backpackers are at increased risk for contracting Lyme Disease. This is something I’ve written about extensively on SectionHiker and is worth reiterating at the beginning of each hiking season. Revised numbers from the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) reflect that they have been under-reporting Lyme disease. Instead …

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Do You Wear Deodorant When Hiking?

Body Odor

An editor at Backpacker Magazine contacted me recently to ask how I control body odor when I’m day hiking or backpacking. It’s actually a good question, especially if you’re out hiking with a new “partner” who hasn’t been near you for days at a time. Do You Wear Deodorant when …

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Broken Bones, Hypothermia and a Bee Sting

How to Make an Improvised Splint

The most important thing you can bring on a hike is knowledge. Scenario You and a buddy are hiking through the woods and you come across another hiker who’s lying on his back below a huge boulder and moaning. What should you do? Backcountry Medical Assistance You have a couple …

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HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream

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HikeGoo has proven to be highly effective in preventing blisters and calluses for hikers using a wax-based lubricant that prevents blisters and protects your feet from moisture. Rick and Carl, the founders of Foot Kinetics, developed HikeGoo after trying almost every other blister prevention product available. Scientists by training and …

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