Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Semi-Freestanding Tent?

If you’re researching double-wall backpacking tents, you’re likely to see the terms “semi freestanding tent” and “freestanding tent.” These describe the architecture of a tent and how the poles are configured to set it up. A semi-freestanding tent has one or more …

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What is Robic?

What is Robic Nylon?

Robic (also called Robic Nylon) is an improved type of nylon, called high tenacity nylon, which is more tear and abrasion-resistant than the previous forms of nylon used to make backpacks, luggage, and other outdoor gear. While its early adopters included smaller …

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How to Fit a Backpack

? If you routinely experience back pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain when you carry a backpack, there’s a good chance that your backpack doesn’t fit you or that you’re not wearing it properly. This is surprisingly common among backpackers, and one …

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