Ursack Minor Critter Bag Review

The Ursack Minor is a Kevlar food storage bag that has a large volume and can protect your food from small animals such as raccoons, fox, squirrels, mice and other critters in the backcountry. Unlike some of the other Ursack products, this one is NOT bear-proof, but the Kevlar fabric …

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Ursack AllMitey Bear Bag Review

The Ursack AllMitey is a bear-proof and critter-proof food storage bag for camping and backpacking. It differs from Ursack’s other food storage bags, (the Ursack Major, Ursack Major XL, and Ursack Minor), which are either bear-proof or critter-proof, but not both. If you’re not familiar with Ursacks, they’re soft bags …

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Ursack Bear-Proof Bear Bags

While you can leave an Ursack on the ground at night, I like to tie mine to a tree so a bear doesn't carry it off.

If you hate hanging a bear bag at night to protect your backpacking food and prevent a bear from visiting your tent at night, and local backcountry regulations don’t require the use of a hard sided bear canister, I recommend getting yourself an Ursack bear-proof bear bag. I’ve been using …

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Ursack Bear Bag

Ursack Bearproof Bag hanging from a tree. There's no need to hang it 10 feet off the ground and 5 feet from a tree trunk because the bag is made out of super strong fabric.

Ursack is a company that specializes in the manufacture of bear bags made of bullet proof fabric that are far lighter than rigid bear canisters. Weighing only 7.5 oz, the TKO (since renamed the A29 All White) sounded like it was worth trying out and I took it on a …

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