Sleeping Bags, Quilts, and Pads

Outdoor Vitals MummyPod Review

The Outdoor Vitals StormLOFT Down MummyPod 0*F is a cold-weather sleeping bag that can be used either on the ground as a mummy bag or in a hammock as a peapod insulation system. Weighing under 3 pounds and filled with 800 fill …

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Warbonnet Wookie Hammock Underquilt Review

Warbonnet Wookie Underquilt Review

The Warbonnet Wookie is a down-filled hammock underquilt that’s super easy to set up and eliminates the need to adjust with a underquilt suspension system, which is the nemesis for many first-time underquilt users. That’s because the Wookie doesn’t have a traditional underquilt …

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Superior Hammock Insulated Hammock Review

Superior Hammock makes an insulated hammock where the down insulation is sewn onto the back of the hammock.

Superior Hammock is a new cottage gear manufacturer based in Minnesota that makes fully integrated hammock shelter systems. Their flagship product is a gathered-end hammock that has the down-filled insulation sewn directly onto it instead of being packaged as a separate underquilt. …

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