Uinta Highline Trail: Quick and Dirty Guide

Uinta Highline Trail Quick and Dirty Guide

The Uinta Highline Trail is a 104-mile trail that runs along the Uinta Mountain Range in Utah’s Ashley National Forest and Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The trail is noted for its expansive views and varied terrain, which includes lodgepole forest, glacial valleys, alpine …

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The Pennine Way by Damian Hall

Pennine Way

I didn’t pay much attention at school. But I do remember being told something about the majority of communication being non-verbal rather than verbal. Sure, our mouths make sounds, but the real truth is in the eyes (liars, of course, tend to …

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Trekking the Eagle Walk in Austria

The Eagle Walk in Austria

The Eagle Walk is a 257-mile (413 Km) hiking trail that traverses the Austrian State of Tirol in 33 stages moving sequentially from east to west.  Each of the 33 stages comprises one day’s walk, and since camping is not generally allowed …

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The 88 Temple Pilgrimage

The 88 Temple Pilgrimage Route

The 88 Temple pilgrimage is approximately 1,600 km long and circumambulates the island of Shikoku, the smallest and least populated of the 4 main islands that make up modern Japan. Most pilgrims walk the route in a clockwise direction which can take …

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