Cold River Camp in Evans Notch

South Baldface Summit

Cold River Camp is a rustic, family style camp run by the Appalachian Mountain Club in the Evans Notch on the border between New Hampshire and Maine. It’s unique among the AMC lodging facilities because it’s managed entirely by volunteers, although there is paid …

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Climbing Mt. Whitney by Chris Marks

Mt Washington, White Mountains

Make no mistake about it, while the 22 mile trail to the top of Mt. Whitney is no Everest, it does take preparation and planning to summit the tallest mountain in the continental United States. One part physical training, two parts logistical …

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Speed Traps in the White Mountains

Jailhouse Moose outside Twin Mountain Police Station

If you drive up to the White Mountains for hiking or skiing there are a couple of notorious speed traps that you should be aware of. Twin Mountain The tiny town of Twin Mountain, New Hampshire is located at the junction of …

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Hiking the Jesus Trail by David Landis

Arbel Cliffs

I left Nazareth for Capernaum on the first exploratory trip with a loaded backpack and sense of the uncharted, heading north from the Old City spring over the hill that follows goat paths to the ruins of an ancient Roman city. Little …

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