Hiking the Jesus Trail by David Landis

Arbel Cliffs

I left Nazareth for Capernaum on the first exploratory trip with a loaded backpack and sense of the uncharted, heading north from the Old City spring over the hill that follows goat paths to the ruins of an ancient Roman city. Little …

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Sourdough Mountain by Craig Romano

Historic fire lookout having renovations done on it

One of the most challenging trails in the North Cascades, the arduous haul to the historic 1933-built lookout atop Sourdough Mountain is worth every ounce of sweat you’ll expend. And you’ll expend plenty! A one mile vertical climb over 5.5 miles, can …

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Bonticou Crag

Bonticou Crag, The Gunks

If you live near New Paltz, New York or are visiting the Shawangunks (The Gunks), and want a great rock scramble and day hike, try Bonticou Crag (1,194 ft). It’s a knife edge style, rock ridge, located in the Mohonk Preserve, with …

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Friends of Mount Guyot

Mount Guyot in Summer

There are many White Mountain hikers who love Mt Guyot (pronounced ‘G’ as in God, ‘ee-oh’, with the accent on the first syllable), named after Albert Guyot, who is credited with drawing the first map of the White Mountains. Guyot is a …

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Backpacking in Patagonia by Susan Alcorn


Patagonia — a word that conjures up images of grandeur and mystery. For hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers, the next thought is bound to be, “How do I get there?” Torres del Paine, Chile’s foremost national park, offers fantastic hiking for adventurers. Most …

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Detour to East Chairback Pond

East Chairback Pond from the summit

The 100 Mile Wilderness is an unforgiving section of the Appalachian Trail, winding through the remote backcountry of northern Maine. Drawn to the physical and logistical challenge of it, I shouldered a sixty-pound pack then stepped into that sprawling forest with my …

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