Gertrude’s Nose

Gertrude's Nose

Gertrude’s Nose is an impressive section of cliff face in The Gunks. Located within Minnewaska State Park, it’s an easy walk from Lake Minnewaska, or a more challenging one if you hike along the Millbrook Ridge Trail from Trapps Bridge. I did …

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Waterfalls in New England

There are a series of waterfalls at 13 falls, although there aren't 13 of them! The largest has a 30 foot drop.

One of the great spectacles of spring in New England are the waterfalls and streams that dot the countryside. Fed by snow-melt these turn into monstrous torrents in spring and make spectacular viewing. Here are a few of my favorites. Thoreau Falls …

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Appalachian Trail Parking Guide

The SectionHiker Limo

Although most of the people who hike the Appalachian Trail are section hikers, you won’t find many trail guides designed for them available from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, which is kind of a shame if you think about it too much. But …

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Adirondack Gem: Pharoh Lake Wilderness

A few years ago, I went on a Columbus Day Weekend (October) backpacking trip with my friend Christine Benton to the Pharoh Lake Wilderness in the Adirondack region of New York State. Christine is a trip leader for the New York – …

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Sawanobori – Japanese Shower Climbing

First Big Drop - Warner River, NH

Philip kayaking in New Hampshire I was reading the Japanese version of the Montbell site last night and came across an interesting sport I’d never heard of that has a following in Japan, called Sawanobori, or Shower Climbing. It combines all of …

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Hiking in Aruba

Hooiberg Mountain - Aruba

Hooiberg Mountain, located near the center of Aruba is the 3rd highest peak on the island at 168m and featured on the Aruban flag. When you land at the airport in Aruba, Hooiberg looks very close, but it is about a 20 …

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The Great Eastern Trail

Great Eastern Trail

I love the Appalachian Trail, but on weekends and in the summer time, it can feel really crowded. In fact, the ATC estimates that 4 million people hike on the AT each year, and a lot of their trail maintenance and stewardship …

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A History of the Gunk’s Carriageways

Mohonk Mountain House

I love hiking in the Shawangunks (also known as the Gunks) in eastern New York State, near the Mohonk Mountain House and Preserve. This entire area is a hiking and rock climbing paradise. One of the unique features of the Gunks is …

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