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Appalachian Trail Sign Defacements: Help Us Stop Them

Why do people deface trail signs and scratch in the AT instead?

The Appalachian Trail would not exist if were not for the tireless efforts of volunteer trail maintainers and local clubs that maintain the trail from Georgia to Maine. Whenever I meet trail crews, volunteer trail maintainers, shelter caretakers, ridge runners, and trash picker uppers, I say hello, and thank them …

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Impact Monster Skit – A Leave No Trace Lesson Plan

A tree with toilet paper on it and a flower - volunteer actors in the Impact Monster Leave No Trace Skit

The most effective way to teach Leave No Trace principles is experiential, by having participants demonstrate the principles to their peers in the context of a hiking, canoeing, or outdoor trip. However, if you need to teach LNT as part of an indoor program targeting families including younger children, role playing …

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