The History of Section Hiker

I started writing Section Hiker in 2007 because blogging helps me learn and retain new skills and information. At the time, I was just getting back into hiking and backpacking after a long hiatus. Writing about Section Hiking the Long Trail and …

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Bitten By the Car Camping Bug

Car Camping in the White Mountains

I didn’t see it coming. My girlfriend and I have been bitten by the car camping bug. It all started last winter when my girlfriend wanted to camp out in the mountains so we could get a clear view of the Geminids …

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Permethrin Pre-treated Camping Tents


The outdoor gear company, Wenzel, has started making family camping tents pre-treated with Permethrin, which repels and kill mosquitos and ticks, including those that carry Lyme Disease. I think this is a fantastic development and hope higher-end backpacking tent manufacturers follow Wenzel’s …

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Backpacking Boom or Bust?

Out of Stock Backpacking Gear

“Backpacking and camping gear is flying off the shelves this year”, said a store manager I know who works at a major outdoor retailer. “We haven’t seen anything like this since the 70’s,” the last time that backpacking was popular in the United States. …

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Hobos and Hikers


When I was growing up, being a homeless hobo had a certain romantic appeal to it. Hobos are wandering itinerant workers who ride the rails in the United States, a tradition that got its start after the Civil War when men and …

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Northeast Peakbaggers Gift Guide

Northeast Peakbagging List Patches

The most popular form of hiking in the northeastern United States is peakbagging, usually done as days hikes, where hikers set out to climb different mountains on the White Mountain 4000 footer list, the Adirondack 46ers, or the Catskill 3500s. While not as …

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AMC HutMan Diet Plan

This is a spoof….. The Appalachian Mountain Club has just announced a breakthrough diet and exercise plan guaranteed to help you shed weight and get ripped. Called the Hutman Diet, it melds the latest in nutritional science and sport medicine with mountain …

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Are You a Risk?

Meditative Hiker

“Are you driven to answer the beckoning call of nature –to totally immerse yourself into it, forgoing the comforts of home just to walk on some long winding, rocky, and hilly trail somewhere? When you feel closer to nature and strip yourself …

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