What if REI became an Outdoor Recreation Utility?

REI Down Sweater

This is a highly speculative article about the future of outdoor manufacturing and retailing, building on my research on environmental sustainability¬† in the outdoor industry and over 20 years of professional experience in product development and product management. If you’re not familiar …

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Fear and the Outdoor Experience

  Fear Outdoors I was reading Colin Fletcher's The Man Who Walked through Time this evening and I came across a passage where he describes the unsettling feeling of being in a dark canyon when the sun goes down. Even though he …

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Cold Cold World Backpacks

Cold Cold World Chernobyl Backpack

I was out today doing some gear testing, trying to figure out the best way to carry snowshoes on one of my existing backpacks. It looks like the system shown here is pretty workable: I’ve stowed the bottoms of my Atlas 830 …

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