White Mountains

A Winter Hike to Mount Garfield

Breaking Above Treeline on Mount Garfield (4500')

The temperature was in the single digits when I woke on Saturday morning just before dawn. I’d decided to spend the weekend sleeping outside in my tent and -25 degree sleeping bag, while my friends slept all snug and warm inside of …

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A Winter Bonds Traverse

I completed a Winter Bonds Traverse two weeks ago,one of the toughest and most remote winter hikes in the White Mountains. I was accompanied by four other very strong hikers: Ron, Craig, Larry, and Garret, who hike together regularly and were nice …

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Friends of Mount Guyot

Mount Guyot in Summer

There are many White Mountain hikers who love Mt Guyot (pronounced ‘G’ as in God, ‘ee-oh’, with the accent on the first syllable), named after Albert Guyot, who is credited with drawing the first map of the White Mountains. Guyot is a …

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Scouting the Twinway

Twinway above Zealand Hut

I went on a one night solo backpacking trip recently to scout out some possible campsites for an Appalachian Mountain Club trip I’m leading on the first day of winter, weather permitting. We’ll be doing a 23 mile winter traverse of the …

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Bushwhacking Peak Above the Nubble

Peak Above the Nubble

Peak Above the Nubble is a very odd name but it describes the topography of this 3813′ mountain rather well. The 3813′ Peak towers over a curious looking sub-peak called the Nubble. That’s its local name at least. On maps, The Nubble …

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