White Mountains

Climbing Mt Whiteface

Chris and I headed up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire on Sunday to bag Mt Whiteface (4,020 ft), another 4,000 footer in the Sandwich Range. While winter is officially over for peakbaggers trying to finish their winter 48, winter itself …

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North Tripyramid Ascent

Nature Girl and I took a run at the Tripyramids on Saturday, trying to bag the North (4,180 ft), Middle (4,140 ft) and South (4,100 ft) peaks. We hiked in on the lesser used Pine Bend Brook Trail in order to climb …

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Climbing Mt Tecumseh in February

May 21 - Snow lingers on Mt Tecumseh, a 4000 footer in Waterville Valley

I’m feeling pleasantly zonked and relaxed after climbing Mt Tecumseh (4,003 ft) this morning, number 48 on the White Mountain 4,000 footer list. It’s the first time I’ve gotten out in few weeks due to a sinus infection I picked up on …

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Chillin up South Hancock

When Naturegirl and I started hiking up to Mt Hancock (4,430 ft, above) and South Hancock (4,319 ft) on Saturday I felt like my face was going to freeze off. The trail head parking lot for this hike is very exposed to …

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Climbing Mt Tom in Winter

Yesterday, naturegirl and I drove up to the Whites to climb Mt Tom (4,051 ft), a four thousand footer, near the entrance to Crawford Notch. We wanted to beat the blizzard that is raging now across southern New England and get a …

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Skookumchuck on Ice

I have two short sections of the Appalachian Trail left in New Hampshire and had hoped to complete one of them this weekend, a 2.7 mile stretch (requiring 14 miles of hiking) from the Skookumchuck Trail at the northern foot of Mt. …

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The Mountain Wanderer Bookstore

Mountain Wanderer Bookstore in Lincoln, NH is owned by Steve Smith, editor of The White Mountain Guide

The Mountain Wanderer Bookstore is a bookstore in Lincoln, NH that carries excellent maps and a unique selection of books that focus on the natural areas in New England, including the Catskills, Adirondacks, Vermont, and the White Mountains. For example, they have a …

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