Ultralight 101

Ultralight Ultra-fast Backpacking Makeovers

Ultralight ultra-fast backpacking makeovers-2

A few years ago, ultralight backpacking used to require a religious conversion or at least a change in your packing “philosophy.” Those days are over. You don’t need to learn new skills or take a mentored backpacking trip if you already have some backpacking experience. Today, if you want to …

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How to Reduce the Weight of Your Consumables

How to Reduce the Weight of Consumables UL 101

The heaviest items in your backpack are water, food, and fuel. They’re called consumables because you use them up as your trip progresses, as opposed to “base weight” which measures the weight of non-consumable items like a backpack, tent, unworn clothing, a sleeping bag, and other items that you’ll carry …

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