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Ultralight 101

Lightweight Backpacking – How to Go Light Fast

The Tarptent ProTrail Tent is basically a pup tent made with an outer fly and a bathtub floor suspended with bug netting.

A few years ago, lightweight backpacking used to require a religious conversion or at least a change in your packing “philosophy.” Those days are over. You don’t need to learn new skills, read an eBook, take a mentored backpacking trip, or even watch a video series about ultralight backpacking. Today, if you want to go light, you just need cold hard cash.

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How to Choose an Ultralight Tent or Shelter

Floor-less UL Shelters are undesirable if you need to camp out on dished out, packed earth tent pads, that flood when it rains (shown Guthook's MEC silylon tarp)

A lot of SectionHiker readers contact me asking for advice about which ultralight shelter they should buy. These purchases are almost always driven by weight reduction desires, but often in the absence of any considerations about the environmental conditions they need the tents or shelters to perform in, interior size, …

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