Backpacking Gear Repair Kit

My murphy bag contains a lightweight first aid kit (4.6 oz.) and a emergency gear repair kit listed below (4.0 oz).

I store both kits in a small stuff sack which I tuck into the bottom of my pack under my sleeping bag to keep it out of the way. The contents of my emergency gear repair kit include lots of different kinds of fasteners, extra batteries for my camera and LED lights, water purification tablets, emergency matches and 1 spare shoe lace.

From experience, this is the stuff that will let me last about 1 day on an East Coast US trail before I could come across someone who can help me or I can get to a road for a ride and do a resupply. Not all of the contents are life and death, but some of them like the matches, duct tape and water purifier tabs are very important.

Spare Boot Lace6
10' Roll of Duct Tape38
2 Lithium AA Batteries30
2 CR2032 Batteries6
REI Emergency Matches in WP Bottle18
6 Aqua Mira Water Purification Tablets2
6 Plastic Cable Ties4
6 Rubber Bands4
4 Safety Pins4
Needle and Thread1
Ziplock bag1
total weight in oz.4

One of the most useful components in this kit are the plastic cable ties. They provide an exceptionally strong way to connect two pieces of gear together. I refill this one component the most often because my friends are always asking me for them!

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  1. Replace your bootlaces with paracord. Lasts forever and a good emergency resource. If you have a needle with a big enough eye, you can pull out a paracord strand and use it for rip repairs. I also keep a spare matching length in the repair kit. A spare plastic buckle that matches my kit is in there, zip ties are great, duct tape is king, and a tiny tube of super glue in a small ziplock.

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