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Enlightened Equipment Revolt Hammock Underquilt Review

Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt on a Warbonnet Blackbird
Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt on a Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock

The Enlightened Equipment (EE) Revolt Underquilt is a hammock underquilt with an integrated perimeter suspension system that is compatible with any gathered end hammock. Like many other underquilts, it has a differential cut rather than a rectangular one (the inner shell is slightly smaller than the outer shell) that conforms to the curve of your body and hammock to improved weight-to-thermal efficiency.

Enlightened Equipment has completely revamped the Revolt Underquilt changing the orientation of the baffles, adding a draft collar option, and no longer uses “waterproof” down in their products. See the new Revolt V2 Underquilt at Enlightened Equipment


EE makes all of their underquilts and top quilts on a semi-custom basis where you select the dimensions, down fill power, colors, and fabrics you want on your quilt. Ordering through their website is very simple and easy to do and they’re very responsive if you have any questions about what to get.

Specs at a Glance:

  • MSRP: US $250.00
  • Insulation: 800 fill power, DownTek-treated down
  • Fabric/colors: Green outer 10d fabric DWR-coated, Charcoal inner 10d fabric DWR-coated
  • Weight: 19.3 ounces
  • Loft: 2.5″
  • Measurements: 75 x 45
  • 800 Down Fill Weight: 13 oz
  • Temperature Rating: 20F
  • For complete, specs visit the EE Revolt product page
Winter Camping with the Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt
Winter Camping with the Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt

Down Fill

The Revolt Underquilt shown here is rated for 20 degrees Fahrenheit and insulated with 800 fill power DownTek treated duck down. EE uses duck down in all of their 800 and 850 fill power quilts and goose down in their 900 and 950 fill power quilts, with the option to get DownTek treated down which is nice since the underquilt may be exposed to splashback and high humidity in rainy weather. There’s also no price difference between the two.

Is 800 fill power duck down less warm than 800 fill power goose down? No, but it is less expensive. Fill power is fill power (See Down Fill Power Ratings) regardless of whether the down is from a duck or a goose, but you should be aware that EE sources their down from different animals nonetheless.

I ordered an 800 fill power down Revolt underquilt even though they offer 850, 900, and 950 fill power goose down because I determined it was the best value for my dollar. The price for high-end goose down has dropped since then, so it’s worth comparing the costs and benefits again. If you can afford it, get the highest fill power rating you can reasonably afford. It will perform better during the lifetime of ownership.

Enlightened Equipment Revo Underquilt on a Dream Hammock with Orange Overcover
Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt on a Dream Hammock with Orange


I ordered a size extra-long underquilt (75″ x 45″) so I wouldn’t have to augment it with a foam pad under my feet or adjust the position of the insulation to cover my feet by pulling one end longer than the other for an asymmetric lay. Weight was a secondary concern to cold weather comfort as far as I was concerned. Up to a limit at least.

Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt

Suspension System
Ease of Use


The Revolt Underquilt is a non-frills hammock insulation system designed for use on ridgeline hammocks. While it has a primary and secondary suspension system, more emphasis is placed on light weight over functionality or warmth in colder conditions.

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The thermal efficiency of an underquilt is very dependent on the effectiveness of the suspension system you have and it’s important that a cold-weather quilt fit snugly against your body without any air gaps at the ends. You really want the underquilt insulation pulled up close against your body even if this means cranking down on the elastic suspension lines on your underquilt.

Closeup of the Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt Suspension
Closeup of the Enlightened Equipment Revolt Underquilt Suspension

Most full-length underquilts have an elastic cord running horizontally along the long side. These are usually attached to the ends of a gathered end hammock using an S-biner. When you tension them using a cord lock or line loc it pulls the underquilt close to the bottom and sides of the hammock so the down insulation can insulate your butt, shoulders, and feet. There are also elastic cords that run perpendicular to the hammock that are used to block off any airflow at the ends between the underquilt and the hammock.

The Revolt has an elastic cord that runs lengthwise along the underquilt which is attached to the corner using a piece of webbing and a line loc for easy adjustment. The cord runs through a channel under the shell fabric. The same system is used for the horizontal cord running underneath and perpendicular to the hammock, although small cordlocks are used instead.

The mini carabiners sold by Enlghtened Equipment are difficult to use in cold weather. Clip your lines to an S-biner instead
The mini carabiners sold by Enlightened Equipment are difficult to use in cold weather. Clip your lines to an S-biner instead (shown).

Enlightened Equipment has an add-on option to add two plastic clips to the end of the Revolt suspension to make them easier to clip onto your hammock suspension. However, they’re quite difficult to use in cool weather and I suggest you connect both lines to a NiteIze S-biner and clip that to your hammock suspension instead.

Orange Underquilt Guide Option on a 4-season Dream Hammock Thunderbird Hammock
Orange Underquilt Hook Option on a 4-season Dream Hammock Thunderbird Hammock

The Dream Hammock shown here has underquilt hooks that help keep the sides of the underquilt in place during the night. It’s a handy feature that makes it easier to keep the sides of the underquilt at the right height and prevents them from slipping over to the other side when you move around at night.


I’ve had the EE Revolt Underquilt down to 20 degrees multiple times and been cozy warm. While everyone’s experience with an under-quilt is going to be different depending on their physiology, what they’re wearing, and when they last ate, I feel that the 20-degree temperature rating on my quilt is spot on if not a bit conservative. I do try to optimize all those other factors by wearing long underwear, a warm hat, and eating fatty foods before bed regardless.

In hindsight, buying the EE Revolt in the extra-long length was a good call. It’s long enough that I don’t have to worry about its position at night, which can be a problem with a shorter-length quilt.

How does the EE Revolt Underquilt stack up against underquilts from other cottage manufacturers that specialize in hammock insulation? So so, to be honest. I sold my Revolt after using it for less than a year and switched to underquilts from Loco Libre and UGQ Outdoor. Their underquilts have draft collars that make them far more effective and wind-resistant in colder weather. They have better shell fabrics as well. Buying an underquilt from EE isn’t a terrible purchase, but they aren’t really a hammock-centric company and focus on making products for people who sleep on the ground.

Disclosure: Philip Werner purchased all of the products in this review with his own funds. 

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